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Webmastered by Roger Rieman, Official Cony Association Roster Keeper
I served on the USS Cony DD-508 from 1962 until 1965 in the OI Division.
I originated this website in 1997 and have reacquainted with many of my shipmates and have many new shipmate friends because of it and hopefully you will too.

It is with great sadness to report the passing of Phil Michel. Phil & his daughter Cindy have hosted the last several annual Cony reunions, along with the upcoming reunion scheduled in Pensacola, FL, and what a great job they have done.
He was an all around great person, always putting everyone ahead of himself.
Phil Passed away on Tuesday November 6th.  Visitation is planned for Wednesday November 14th in Gainesville, FL.
To help Cindy in her very busy and stressful period, if anyone would like more information, please email me (Roger). My email address is at the top of this homepage.
Of course if you wish to contact her on a more personal level, and you don’t have Cindy’s email address, please ask me for it.

Cony Reunion Washington DC Oct. 10-Oct. 14 is over.
An update on the Reunion Memory Books. I'm sure you can understand the delay with all that has been going on at the Michel household. Cindy asked that you all please be patient and she will do her best to get back on them in the next few weeks so you can receive them.

CTY   Cindy's Reunion "Thank You" Note

I wasn't at the reunion, but will be glad to post information and photos if provided to me.

Requirements for USS Cony Association Membership
If you served on the USS Cony DD/ DDE 508 at anytime during her active service, you are eligible to be added to the Cony Association's roster and you will receive the Cony newsletter that is  emailed to you in PDF Color form
3 or 4 times a year. 
If you would like to be added to the USS Cony Association roster please send an email to me (see email address above)  with your years onboard the Cony, your last rate/rank while aboard, your home address and phone number.
Your name, rate/rank and years onboard will be added to the "limited" version of the roster posted on this website, but your other information will only be given to other Cony Association members.
If you would like additional contact information on a Cony shipmate, email me.
There are no required "dues", but many shipmates wish to contribute $15.00 a year to help with the association expenses.  If you don't have a computer and require USPS delivery of a printed newsletter, then a total of $20.00 a year would be required to cover the cost (Check mailed to our treasurer).