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Jason Roundy   3/4/2022
Gpa Roundy has been gone for almost 10years now.  I had the honor of serving as the OIC of his honor guard.
If anyone has pictures of Glenn B. Roundy from 42-45, I would love to have a copy.
Thank you, Jason

Oliver Davis     May 12, 2018
Home town Fort Worth, Texas now Roger, in Sun City West, AZ. RM2. On the Cony from March 1964 thru May of 1967. Saw Robert Larke on here and would like to get in touch with him. Had a lot of good memories on the Cony and have been able to touch base with Mosley and a couple of others. Missed the last couple of reunions, but hopefully will make the next one.
William Meredith     April 20, 2018
I would like my name added to Roster I am William C. Meredith, 55-57 QM3


Lawren Mayo  
Feburary 13, 2018
Hi all! My grandfather was in the Navy from September 1957 to September 1961, and at some point served on the USS Cony. He passed in 1982, before I was born, so I have never been able to ask him when he served on the ship or what his rank was. If anyone served on the USS Cony with my grandfather, his name was Lawrence "Larry" Cooper, from Michigan. I would love to know his rank and when he was on the ship as well as have him added to the roster here.


 Donald Graff   (Grandson of Vernon Holt)   January 2, 2018
   My Grandfather Vernon Holt served on the Cony in the early 60's. He passed away 12 years ago on 12-28. I just try to learn everything I can about the ship. He loved serving in the Navy.

Debbie Pancoast de Roos   Thursday Sept. 21, 2017
My dad, Lou Pancoast was on the Cony during WWII. He will be 89 in October and will be attending the reunion in a few days.(September, 2017) He has had many exciting adventures in his life but I know his time on the Cony was one of the most important ones. Oh yes, he had his parents lie about his age so he could enter the war underage. He just told me that the Cony was the first ship into Shanghai at the end of the war. They had captured 5 Japanese ships.
Michael Wright   Sun June 4, 2017
To those who served aboard the Cony during my time there '65-'68 and remember John Hanafin, I'm sad to report that I just learned that he died this past April.
http://gatelyfh.tributes.com/obituary/sh ow/John-F.-Hanafin-104647094
Robert Larke   Mon April 24, 2017
Served on the Cony from 1962 to Dec 1966 as a RM2, have lots of great memories and ports of call. I live in Nassau County, N.Y.

Jarvis Moore   Mon Aug. 1, 2016
Served in Cony on last Wespac cruise, F3 in after engine room.

Alex Santistevan   Mon July 4, 2016
To Herman Stevens. I just wanted to let you know and to keep you updated that I did receive my benenfits for Agent Orange, but it took me a long time to fight them for it. I wouldn't quit and wasn't about to either. Hope all is going well with you and the family. Happy 4th and God Bless you All.

Wayne Brotherton   Wed 03/23/16
Hey Greg, when you find out who stole the silver box, maybe you'll have who stole the book a**igned to me
at Pigeon Forge by Lt. Slaughter. That has been a raw spot for many years.
Tom Grimley   12/16/15
Hi Roger,
I have been trying to wire some money to whomever is the treasurer of the Cony website/crew group. I want to help defray some of the cost of time and money expended by yourself and others in running the group.
Please send me the appropriate email address to which I can wire some money.
Thank you for your a**istance, and Merry Christmas.
Tom Grimley
Larry L. Stringer   12/7/15
I applied for disability under agent orange in May, 2014. In August 2015, I was notified that I received my disability. I would like to thank those who made this possible.
Greg Dooling   12/3/15
Hi guys,.....Silver box for Officers Wardroom.Oct.26,1963...I wonder about the story behind it.I know it was a TA,s job to keep it filled with cigarettes but who stole it! It,s mine now(with reciept) love to hear any feed back...Best to all as we inter the Holiday Season.
Delores Burton (Sister-in-law to Vernon Jones SN3/c ( 45-47) Shreveport, LA 10/5/15

Please tell me how I can find out what my brother in laws job was on U.S.S. Cony, Oct. to Nov. 1945
Thank you.

To Delores,
Vernon Lee Jones SN3/c 45-47 listed in the database. 
Unfortunately the only rating I have for him is the SN3/c and that is generic.
If he had a specific rating such as shipfitter (SH) it would be listed as SH3, which is Shipfitter 3rd class, or if he was a Machinist Mate (MM3). If he showed a rate, the I could tell you what his particular rating was and therefore his job.
Its not uncommon for the era around WWII and after to be listed in the generic form (SN) or (SN3/c) etc. There is a good chance that if he don't have additional letters to go with the SN3/c that he worked as a boatswain's mate which had the rating letters of BM, but that's not conclusive.
If you wish to persist on learning more about your brother in law, there are channels to go through to obtain his service records.
The following links are for resource information on obtaining documents (photocopies) from official military record files, and other resource information.
From: The American War Library
16907 Brighton Avenue ~ Gardena CA 90247-5420 ~ 310-532-0634
http://www.amervets.com -or- www.americanwarlibrary.com amerwar@amervets.com
OBTAINING MILITARY RECORDS/DOCUMENTS: https://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel
That is about all I can do for you, sorry,
Roger Rieman

Gunter Stormer EM2 64-68  

Veneta, Oregon

Tue. 03/10/15
Hi Roger, thank You for keeping cando alive!Thanks for the good work you do!
It was nice to find the site about the Cony. Seems almost like yesterday when I reported aboard,at
Portsmouth shipyards. Our Shakedown ,The cruises for ASW training. Showing Movies-- the junk trades (movies during HiLine Stores and Refueling) A med Cruise, Got to see my Grandmother and Aunt in Germany. The Equator crossing, Some of our crew went to help build shelters or something in Ethiopia.
Aden as the British were getting ready to leave. More ASW Training and a run to Guantanamo Cuba St Thomas VI.
The trip to Vietnam via the Panama Canal, seeing the Gooney Birds on Midway, I think some of our sailors had been to Kaohsiung Taiwan before. Hong Kong Harbor and the Junks that people lived on then.
There the training and reserve weekends. The Cony took us,to a world of ports where we saw all the Old Folks Going on their Cruise Boats. Now I am one of those old folks. Enlisted in June 1964 Omaha, Nebraska.
I left the Cony in November Of 1968 in RI. Please add my name to the roster.

James Oker  BMSN  66-68 Chicago, IL Fri 01/16/15
To my fellow Viet Nam ship mates. I finally had my Agent Orange claim with the VA accepted. I received 10% disability for diabetes, another 10% because I need to use insulin, and 10% for heart disease.There are other maladies on their list such as leukemia, miscarriage of a child, and birth defects of a child. I filed on Nov 2009 so you know they dragged it out. I finally had to turn my claim over to my VFW Service Officer last Oct and they lit a fire under their #@%&.

James Oker


Fri 01/16/15 6:36PM

My hometown is Chicago,IL
I have query for my Viet Nam crew. Does any one remember George Farias and his accident upon our return to NORVA. He was not alone when he went off the Mt. I cant remember who it was and I would like to have him entered on our deceased list. I remember that he never went ashore, he would take money to stand others watches. He saved all his pay so he could by a new Corvette when we re turned to NORVA. He went with George in his Beetle to the wedding and they died together. The Vet was sitting at D&S piers until the mother came to get it.
Herman Stevens, Nakina, NC Entry date: 10/24/2014
Alex..good to hear from you. I think James Oker filed a claim and was denied prior to Cony being listed on the Agent Orange list. I also think he has filed again but do not know the outcome. I have ask Roger for your email address then we will be able to trade some ideas.
Alex Santistevan Trinidad, CO, Entry date 10/4/2014 1:52 PM
To Herman Stevens,
Saw your name on the log and was checking our cruise log and found a picture of us together in the Philipines (Bar). Hope everyhing is going good with you.
Also thanks for the info on the Cony being added to the Agent Orange ships in Nam. Have you heard if anyone has received or applied for Agent Orange? Would like to know. Take care.

Greg  Dooling  Elmira, NY     Entry date: Sat 08/23/14 1:55 p.m.
Hi guys,The former U.S.S.Sullivans 537 was and is as The Sullivans in Buffalo N.Y.She is a Fletcher class like the Cony and has been restored as a public museum.The cool part is they have over night stays...bunks and galley mess....for groups.That tickles me! Anyway greets to all and good health.

Sandy (Cox) Hammond My Home: Battle Creek, MI Yrs-On-Cony: N/A Enlisted In: N/A June 28 2014 11:36
Hello, I ran across the link for this webpage on my father’s facebook - Kenny Cox - and have enjoyed browsing and reading the postings. As you may know, we lost my dad unexpectedly in May (the 13th which was also my birthday). I visited my dad twice a year when I would fly down to Florida for a week’s vacation. The last time I got to see dad was October of 2013 - he always spoke about the reunions and would show pictures, tell stories and show me memorabilia as well. The last trinket my dad gave me was a USS Cony ship coin - which I now treasure with special meaning. My first visit this year was planned for the second week of June - as I hadn't spent Father’s Day with my dad in many years. Of course, God and dad had other plans so the visit ended up being a memorial instead. My father’s first love was that of his country and the Navy! I am glad to see that love reciprocated from his shipmates. I am also glad to have found this webpage …. as browsing it makes me feel closer to him. Thank you, Sandy (Cox) Hammond

patrick click My Home: florissant,mo. Yrs-On-Cony: 1962-65 Enlisted In: st.louis,mo. June 3 2014 04:05
like to hear from david reed,or any other shipmate that I served with on the cony.also on RAowens dd827

Roger Rieman My Home: Ocala, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 May 14 2014 22:19
It is with sadness that I report that Kenny Cox RM3 57-59 passed away May 13th, 2014. Kenny has been such a big part of our Cony Association family and has hosted most of the annual reunions since 2003 with the help of a co-host and of course his wife Marge. Ken & I worked closely together to greatly increase our Cony Association brotherhood members. A great shipmate and friend. He will be missed more than words can say.

greg dooling My Home: elmira Yrs-On-Cony: 62/65 Enlisted In: ny May 4 2014 08:50
I was a Radar striker for a short time when I first came aboard the Cony and was happy to call Hal Ross my friend/shipmate.He was a very funny guy.....many laughs together.Rest in Peace good friend....Greg Dooling

Rich Koehler My Home: New York, New York Yrs-On-Cony: 63 to 66 Enlisted In: Brooklyn New York April 27 2014 02:23
I have just learned of the passing of Hal Ross. He
Died on Easter Sunday of lung cancer. Hal was a
Good friend and fellow Radarman. We corresponded from time to time after we left the navy. I thought his shipmates should know.

From Roger:::
Yes, Hal was a really good guy and friend when I served on the Cony, I'm sure he will be missed by many.

George Timmerman III My Home: Hillsdale Enlisted In: MI - Michigan April 13 2014 18:44
My grandfather was on the Cony in WWII. He passed away when I was young. The stories I remember were that he got on the ship after it was repaired from the torpedo. Can anyone tell me how I can find out what his rank was and what he did in the navy. Please this would help me know more about him. I would love to tell my son and honor him even more. I am greatful for all of the men and women who serve our country. Thank you all for your service. My email is geotimmerman3@gmail.com

Greg Dooling My Home: elmira Yrs-On-Cony: 62/65 Enlisted In: ny March 11 2014 14:38
This is for Mike Moore.....Knew your dad just to say "Hi" but you may or may have already ...check out Rogers 1964 pictures and you will see your dads picture in the First Division....Greg

Jack Dully My Home: yonkers/ny Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 Enlisted In: yonkers/ny February 26 2014 20:08
the last tin-can newspaper,Jan/Feb/March 2014 didn't give credit to a great can contributing to gun support,off Vietnam,I was off her but I know that it was her last cruise among so many of valor and sacrifices,jack gmg2,please do an add on to the article to give a great lady her parting salute in action

Jack Dully My Home: yonkers/ny Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 Enlisted In: yonkers/ny February 26 2014 20:05
the last tin-can newspaper,Jan/Feb/March 2014 didn't give credit to a great can contributing to gun support,off Vietnam,I was off her but I know that it was her last cruise among so many of valor and sacrifices,jack gmg2,please do an add on to the article to give a great lady her parting salute in action

Mike Moore My Home: Collierville/ TN Yrs-On-Cony: NA Enlisted In: Union City/TN February 26 2014 18:06
My dad (Charles Edward Moore) was assigned to the Cony during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Just curious if anyone knew him. I also was in the Navy from 1989-1995 on the USS Mississippi (CGN-40) He passed away in 2011 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. God Bless you all and God Bless the USA!

Patrick Click My Home: st.louis,mo. Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 Enlisted In: st.louis December 25 2013 04:03
dan martin finally you checked in I have monitored for a long time.please email me clickhvac@sbcglobal.net wb4ccr
was my call now n0jao left navy as mm1
call lets talk.click heat cool3148373737

Bob Shafer My Home: Columbus, In. Yrs-On-Cony: (52-55} Enlisted In: Columbus, In. December 16 2013 03:02
Merry Christmas to all the Cony Crew
Merry Christmas to you also Bob, and to all.

patrick click My Home: st.louis(florissant)MO.63033 Yrs-On-Cony: 1962-1965 Enlisted In: ST.LOUIS,MO. November 16 2013 11:09

Will do.

patrick click mm1 My Home: st.louis Yrs-On-Cony: 62_65 Enlisted In: st.louis November 14 2013 16:15 Hello to any of the a gang who happen by
Would like to hear from you.the years flew by left the navy 29 yrs old now 73
Still in the heating cooling business Clickheatingcooling.com

Eddie (Ed) Small My Home: Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 Enlisted In: Rock Hill, SC November 6 2013 14:19
Message for: Gayle (Whitney) Peterson ... My Home is also in Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 1962-1965 Enlisted In: Rock Hill, SC Nov 6,2013

Robert McVay My Home: Franklin Yrs-On-Cony: 66-67 Enlisted In: Pennsylvania September 26 2013 11:31
Mike Wright and Dave Sands: I plan to attend Jacksonville Reunion in 2014. I hope you plan to attend .. I'd like to see you guys again. My email is rmcvay@pa.rr.com make contact!

Greg Dooling   My Home: Elmira,NY Yrs-On-Cony: 1962 1965 Enlisted In: ny August 23 2013 08:51
Hi Guys,I read in the Cony Newsletter today that Marty Entler (Red) has joined the USS Cony Association and will probably find Rogers great site soon. I hope to hear from him. Greg Dooling SH3

Herman W. Stevens My Home: Nakina, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 65-68 Enlisted In: Nakina, NC August 5 2013 23:51
Wonderful news. I have been successful in getting the VA to place the Cony on the list of Agent Orange Ships. This is good news for those filing claims. Good luck and may our God of love and peace forever bless each and every one of you and your families.

Phil Dunlap My Home: San Rafael, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 56-59 Enlisted In: San Rafael or San Francisco July 18 2013 13:41
I remember Mike Heslin. From Binghampton, NY, if I remember correctly. Also CONY turning around in Marseille Harbor w/o tugs. I had the duty and didn't get ashore but we used the optics on the Mk 37 director to check out the locals. CONY pulled out next day to follow three Russian subs toward Alexandria. IBM retired. I'm still in San Rafael. Phil K6PHD

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth OH, Yrs-On-Cony: 58-61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV June 24 2013 00:49
I left the Cony 11/25/61 a sad day but I was unaware it was my best ever duty.
I am retired as of 6/28/13, but will work on Wednesday at Ironton AMVETS Office, 315 S 3rd St Ironton Oh 45638, phone 740 532 0898 email davidbarkeramvet@yahoo.com
All Cony sailors have priority!
Reply from editor Roger Rieman
Dave spent his career serving US Veterans in one capacity or another. He had several missions in life, usually centered around bring truth out in the open concerning our US Veterans where it had been long hidden from view. One of his quest was to bring to the surface of what "really" happened with the Bay of Pigs invasion. Other crusades have been bringing out the truth about Agent Orange incidences, the Persian Gulf and fighting for the rights of all of us veterans. Dave has said repeatedly, even though he served on other ships, the Cony is by far his favorite. I know that although he sometimes felt that he was fighting uphill battles, I think he has accomplished a great deal for all of us. I know that I'm not the only one that feels that way about Dave because it was in 2005 Dave was inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame and also has numerous state and national awards in support of our nation's veterans and has authored three books which are in the Library of Congress along with several articles concerning the effects of Agent Orange and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Dave has a website that you definitely should visit http://davebarker.portalone.us

James Oker My Home: Chicago,IL Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 Enlisted In: Chicago,IL April 11 2013 16:04
welcome aboard Mr. White. Will we see you in Mobile?

Glenn Mosley My Home: Hyden, Ky. Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 Enlisted In: Hazard, Ky. April 11 2013 11:25
There have been some inquiries concerning Lavoy "Lefty" Lane. I have found some info on a Tennessee web that shows a picture of a headstone which reads across the top "Lefty" Lavoy Lane, b. Feb. 23, 1938 d. Mar. 23, 1982.Have not been able to find out any thing else but what are the chances of two of them, from Maryville, Tenn.? Sadly, I think we have lost another friend.

Maurice McDonell My Home: Yountville, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 56-57 Enlisted In: Los Angeles, CA March 4 2013 23:35
There can only be one Mike Heslin, who should remember one Susky the Bully. And "Sergeant" York. USS Cony was my only Ship, the Suez Canal thing was the only joke; Cony was on Radar Picket duty, our Air Search Radar did not work, I climbed the mast to inspect the waveguide - found nothing.
Captain Bogardus lived nearby after retirement, at least he kept us afloat. He was the senior Lt. CDR Atlantic. Turned Cony around inside Marseille Harbor without tugs ("Keep those tugs away from my new paint job...")
No more Dock Watches the day he took command.
I spotted your message of 2001.
College finally came, BS Long Beach State, 1977
Always a late adopter.
Hope you and yours are well.

Maurice McDonell, ET3

Boyd B . Lane My Home: Rutherfordton, North Carolina Yrs-On-Cony: 1954-1958 Enlisted In: Columbia, SC February 11 2013 13:56
MM1 after engine room & other duties.
Plan to see old shipmates at the reuions.

Bill Lang ( son-in-law) My Home: Wakefield, Ma January 10 2013 10:16
Sorry to say; Back on nov. 30, 2012 Paul John Leone passed away because of lung cancer. He was in a rehab hospital only for a couple of months and then he passed. He did not suffer He was 87 years old.

Note from Webmaster: We are truly sorry for your family's loss.

Gayle (Whitney) Peterson My Home: Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 1963-1965 Enlisted In: Rock Hill, SC November 12 2012 06:51
Where is the Ship's reunion going to be held in 2013?
Also A Big Thank You to All of the Veterans That Have and Is Serving Our Country. "We Pray that God Bless Each of You and Keep You Safe".

Gayle (Whitey) Petersen My Home: Harlan, Iowa 51537 Yrs-On-Cony: 53-55 Enlisted In: Omaha, Nebraska November 11 2012 11:51
I served as a Boiler Tender Third Class on the Cony.I met my wife through Pat Peterson who was my shipmate and we married sisters from Nebraska. Pat passed away approximately 2 years ago.

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, Nevada Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore October 29 2012 10:24
We watched the PBS presentation on the Cuban Missile Blockade. Close, very close to war. It caused me to remember a question that I asked at the Bay of Pigs, "What are we doing here? Everything we have, and everything we do is below the surface. What are we going to do, sink a tank with Weapon Able? Attack a shore battery with a torpedoe?" The documentary proved that the Cony was quite able to perform underwater attacks. I was not aboard during the Blockade, I was on the Sierra. For those that were aboard, "Thanks".

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59 to 11/25/61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV October 16 2012 23:32
Sheral the BoP is recognized by the VFW and was the first veterans organiztion to recognize our service. The Navy Expediiton Medal makes you eligible.
The Legion did not recognize us until many years later.
Check out Chronology on this site.

Sheral L. Byard My Home: Lewisport, Kentucky Yrs-On-Cony: 61-62 Enlisted In: New Martinsville, WV October 11 2012 08:07
I served under Capt. Morgan 61-62. Do you have pictures of the crew during that time frame. Do you think those of us who were there at the BoP will ever be recognizes by the VFW? At least the American Legion recognizes us. We have tried for years to reconnect with some of the guys I served with without success. I would love to see pictures of those I served with.

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 1959- to 11/225/61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV September 26 2012 11:40
Well it finally happened. YouTube has cancelled the Bay of Pigs videos. I hope you folks watched them on my website as those videos proved what we did in Cuba was deadly serious.
In just a little over two weeks from now, the attention will be on the 13 days of October, the blockade in Cuba where we again hung on the edge of nuclear destruction. All but forgotten.

David Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 59- Nove 25,m 61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV August 12 2012 03:55
Charles V.(Charlie)Beer, BMC not only served 52-55, he was also my Chief on the Cony 1961! A great man in my opinion. He was still on the Cony in 1962 as well.

Robert Shafer My Home: Columbus, Indiana Yrs-On-Cony: 52 to 55 Enlisted In: Columbus, Indiana July 5 2012 05:04
You have Charlie Beer time on the Cony Wrong. He was there During the complete time I was on the Cony. I remember Because he used to chew me out when I was in the Deckforce for a short time haha. So add 52 to 55 also

From Roger,, OK Bob, I made the correction, thanks

Curtis J. DeYoung My Home: Lake Placid, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 57-58 Enlisted In: Winter Haven, FL June 17 2012 16:39
I boarded the Cony in the Portsmouth Navy yard as they were completing the overhaul and installation of the Weapon Alpha. Went to Gitmo, went to the Med (almost died in the hurricane), served off shore during Lebanon crisis and then in ASW between Nantucket Island and Key West. Served in CIC as a Radarman and left the ship as an RD3.

Larry Stringer My Home: Ferguson,Kentucky Yrs-On-Cony: 1966-1968 Enlisted In: Somerset,Ky February 17 2012 12:52
I would just like to say hello to all my old shipmates.To all those guys that I stood watch with in the foward engine room.To Reed who was the EN in the emergency disel during GQ.Yes Bob I still have my brass ash trays that you made.I have pictures of Scott,Ewy,Smitty,Stormer,Horto
n and Bob.Would like to hear form all of you, My home number is 606-679-1678,cell is 606-425-0714.

Hugo Walker My Home: halifax england uk January 11 2012 00:07
hello Byron Kendall Lowder, and and anyone else on the Cony in 1966, yes indeed I remember the Cony visit to majunga and did you go ashore to visit R.A.F detachment in majunga? and better still were you part of the 40 plus paper and comb band? I still had a hangover when we visited the cony!

Hugo Walker My Home: halifax, england January 10 2012 23:48
anyone aboad the Cony when it paid a visit to majunga (madagascar) 1965 or 1966? and did you go ashore to visit the ROYAL AIR FORCE detachment at the village touristique and did you join the 40 plus paper and comb band?
I still have a hangover!

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, Nevada Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, Maryland January 6 2012 12:23
I was surfing, and came across the USS Kidd. Then I located the website; "Navy:Together We Served". I provided a lot of information, reluctantly, and then tried to go to the website, using the 'Users Name' and the 'Password'. It went no where. There was no record. I fear this is a scam, someone is 'phishing'. The website appeared legitimate. Since it now appears to be fraudulent, I feel I should let others know, before they do what I did. I have no idea how much damage I have done, but most likely I'll have to wipe out everything that has ties to my current address and computer.

Ed Small My Home: Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 63-64 Enlisted In: Rock Hill, SC November 11 2011 02:52
To ALL VETERANS that have served and are serving Our Great Country around the world. We Appreciate each and everyone of you.
We are Praying that Our
God will continue to protect you..

Wyly Harris Kight-Moore My Home: Idyllwild, Calif. September 27 2011 17:37
My father, Wyly Alsup Moore served on the Cony during WWII-not sure exact years. He started as an Ensign, then up to Lt.Jg. He was the Paymaster. He is quite ill now @ age 89, not expected to live much longer. Today is 9/27/2011. I'm grateful for any contact, esp. for any sailors he may have personally helped out of his own pocket. He remembers one of the Cony's duties was to provide mine detonation from snipers shooting from the deck at floating mines. My home # is 951.659.0196, cell 951.288.8022. Thanks.

trudie murry loomis My Home: tuolumne calif Yrs-On-Cony: 43 September 22 2011 13:37
looking for information on my father walter kenderson murry who served on the cony. he was a signalman 1st class. i would like to know where he was in the war as he never talked about it. he has passed. thank you. trudie murry loomis

Eddie R, Small My Home: 308 Wellington Dr, Matthews, NC 28104 Yrs-On-Cony: 63-65 Enlisted In: Rock Hill, SC September 3 2011 14:27
Looking for Carlos Brawley. Also would like a copy of the book.

Alex Santistevan My Home: Trinidad, Colorado Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 Enlisted In: Trinidad, Colorado August 22 2011 17:34
Frank Getz, tried to get ahold of you. Send you an e-mail, no reply, so if your still reading these please e-mail me at alxstevan1807@comcast.net.

ordell g. johnson My Home: Hokah Minn Yrs-On-Cony: 60-64 Enlisted In: Hokah Minn July 26 2011 13:44
would like one of the books

Andrew Rose My Home: Bumpass, Va. July 1 2011 02:38
My Grandfather served on the Cony during WWII, and while he served on some other ships he called Cony home. His name was Robert Alfred Lloyd, he was a master chief i believe, curious if anyone has any memories or information about him and his service on the Cony.

Larry Betenbender My Home: Iowa City, Iowa Yrs-On-Cony: 66-69 Enlisted In: Cedar Rapids, Iowa June 30 2011 05:16
Bill Clark, I just saw your message from last year. How are things in Mobile? Larry

David Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 1959 to 11/25/61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV June 20 2011 00:26
Wayne Brotherton asked a great question:
"Are U.S. Navy sailors so insignificant that our government refuses to acknowledge our participation in the BoP invasion?"

Sadly Wayne it appears that way. The news media is worse. When they are told the truth they ignore it.

Last year with Wikipedia it took me several months to get our ship the Cony, a major player in the invasion to be even acknowledged! Some 'person' in the Wikipedia organization would delete the data I submitted and stated it was all hearsay and we were not involved.

When I commented about the whaleboat that 'person' threatened me with acts of piracy.

We were there and that is the bottom line!

Jon Wilhelmsen My Home: Greenville, NC May 28 2011 09:27
My grandfather, Cpt. Thomas B. Brenner USN Retired, passed away on Wednesday, February 25, 2011.
His obituary can be found on the following link.


Thank you

larry osborn My Home: st. joseph,mo. Yrs-On-Cony: 64-67 Enlisted In: st. joseph,mo. May 27 2011 10:15
friday may 27...Keith McGill MM3 1965-1967 passed on today. I will miss him.

Larry Osborn My Home: St. Joseph, MO Yrs-On-Cony: 1964-67 Enlisted In: St. Joseph, MO May 6 2011 15:02
I just got a phone call from Keith McGill 65-67 MM3, He is hospital in Battle Creek Michigan and not expected to live but 2-3 months... He said he would like to hear from some of the guys from the Cony. His cell number is 517-944-5037...Thanx Larry Osborn

Wayne P. Brotherton, Sr. My Home: Towson, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, MD April 22 2011 13:25
Thank you again, Dave Baker. I held off for a couple of days, because I was waiting on a response from our local newspaper. I asked them why no one had much to say about the 50th anniversary of the BoP. I asked them why the news media (all of the news media in Nevada) had so little to present about Brigade 2506, and NOTHING about the 1000 or so sailors aboard U.S. Navy ships, that went into the BoP. My issue was: Are U.S. Navy sailors so insignificant that our government refuses to acknowledge our participation in the BoP invasion? The paper called me and asked if they could publish it as a letter? I told them that I hadn't thought about that, but 'Of course, you can publish it." Maybe someone will be able to answer the questions, that I asked. The paper was quite concerned about the lack of information, and the lack of acknowldgement by so many parties involved. I pointed out that no one can blame us for their failure. We had little chance of winning, when were told not to return fire. I'll see if anything comes of the letter.

ron rebbel My Home: fallston, maryland Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 Enlisted In: baltimore, maryland April 11 2011 15:06
Vern Cashman, if you get this message give me a call, I would like to talk to you about our time on the Cony. ron rebbel 443 690 3420

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 1959 to 11-25-61 Enlisted In: Charleston WV April 10 2011 09:30
I wih to remind you all that my website has film of the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Congressional investigation.
I have no idea how long the links will last, so check it out.
April 17th is the 50th anniversary.
I posted the following on Military.com today: Fifty years ago on this date, we were steaming south of Cuba. We were in radio silence, also at night we were running under "darken ship" with no one really understanding why every night.
We were having so many strange drills and weird operating procedures, which perplexed us all. that is all but two. The two were Capatain Frank Dunham and our XO Lt Wilson.
Since I was a BMSN at the time and had conversations with them frequently, when I asked what was going on, all I got in answer was a strange smile.
One week later I found out...

Allen Jensen My Home: McHenry Illinois Yrs-On-Cony: 1952-1956 Enlisted In: Chicago, Illinois November 13 2010 12:01
I am writing this in memory of my Dad, Fred A. Jensen who served proudly on the USS Cony from 52-56. Dad passed away in January of this year and left me his uniform, ships pictures and crew photos. My Dad was a great guy and the navy was his inspiration for life (and raising his kids).... I almost feel like I served aboard that ship too!! God bless all of you out there, you are damn fine sailors the likes we will not see again.... Respectfully....

Sam Weening My Home: Staten Island Yrs-On-Cony: 45-46 Enlisted In: New York City, NY October 27 2010 08:51
I'm still here at age 84. I have a few photos that I can share. I have: "Bowser", Rudy Perez, "harpo" Diaco, and Glenn Roundy. samuelweening@yahoo.com

greg dooling My Home: elmira ny Yrs-On-Cony: 62/65 Enlisted In: nyc August 15 2010 05:25
Hi Roger,There is a drawing of the Cony bombing on ebay right now.I bid 50 bucks.Probably low but maybe you would like to have it and can bid higher.Looks like one of a kind.Hope one of us gets it! Greg

Robert Stasik My Home: Greenwood, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 53-55 Enlisted In: Johnstown, PA July 30 2010 09:02
I am interested in any fellow shipsmates who served between April of 54 until Sept 55. Need info on where the ship was during that time. I am writing a memoir for family history.
I kno we were in Gitmo, visited Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Pot au Prince, Haiti. Drydock in Charleston, SC, and easter at Bayport, FL. Also a wekend at Dunnsdock, Baltimore.Also European cruise with drydock in Malta; aMaltese diver was killed. Summer on the Riviera. Any extra info and dates would be helpful. Please contact me @ rcstasik@yahoo.com.
Thank you. Robert Stasik RM3

larry osborn My Home: st. joseph,mo. Yrs-On-Cony: 64-67 Enlisted In: st.joseph,mo. July 19 2010 06:35
I just received an informative e-mail, concerning magnetic hotel room keys. It seems the card holds your home address your check in & out date AND your credit card number. the info stays on the card until someone else rents the room. the safe thing to do is destroy the card or demagnify it with a magnet. It is not required that you return the card.Do not throw in trash in one piece or turn in at desk.

william clark My Home: mobile,alabama Yrs-On-Cony: 67-69 Enlisted In: mobile,al July 15 2010 15:34
anyone remeber larry betenbender,allen nowicki,how about smokey smith

willlliam clark My Home: mobile, alabama Yrs-On-Cony: 67-69 Enlisted In: mobile,al July 15 2010 15:27
I was told about the web site, its great to hear from ship mates.Yes I remember the cake on the fantail it was a good time.I still have the pictures. Harry how are your brothers

James R Saddler My Home: Portsmouth, Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: NA Enlisted In: Portsmouth, Ohio June 18 2010 00:25
What a wonderful chronological history of the USS Cony and the explanation of the Bay of Pigs 40 some years later
I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting your shipmate David Barker. Veterans Service Officer.
from the chillicothe Ohio VA Hospital.
Using his instructions I was able to key in on your history and envolvment of the USS Cony. I found your reports to be very iteresting ,enlightning and confirmed many beliefs that I and several other members of the Portsmouth Fire Department had formed prior to, during and after the Cuban Missle Crises and The Bay of Pigs.
Thanks for sharing your history.
The former CO's closing comments about the events on February 19th and 20th 1970 were note worthy.
and worth repeating and remembering.
" Sink her fast "
For that is the only speed she knew.
" Salute her stout hull "
as she finds her grave.
Most fitting I must say
My first opportunity to thank all the escorts and crew for taking care of us Airdales.
While you were playing cat and mouse in and around Cuba we were doing the same in the "Med"
One man over board when returned
to the USS Intrpid CVA-11 was worth Steak and Ice cream for the "Can" Crew
Thanks and appreciations go out to Shipmate Dave Barker
Jim Saddler
1953 1986

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, Nevada Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, Maryland April 21 2010 08:26
Wow! Dave Barker's discussion on Military.com is so interesting. I went through the BoP once, will go through it again, then get into the other discussions. Excellent articles, Dave. Thanks Wayne

David Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV April 17 2010 14:06
For those in the Bay Of Pigs invasion, I posted a good follow up article on Military.com. Go to Discussions, then to Sound Off, then to Sound Off Dave Barker or an alternative shortcut link http://tinyurl.com/yysgodc

If desired you can e-mail me through my website, which has new asbestos articles you may wish to read. http://davebarker.portalone.us/

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, Nevada Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, Maryland April 2 2010 05:47
The Cony newsletter has been great. Jim Knapp has produced some very interesting articles. I can hardly wait for the next issue. Hey, shipmates, we are getting close to the 49th anniversery. Did we ever think we would see that date?
Dave Barker provided an explanation about 1st Lt. As I explained to Jim, "I am more confused than ever." BUT, it sure does keep the gray matter active. I really enjoyed explaining that to my wife. Her response was, "Where are you going with this?" I was not able to answer that question. Fun!
I do have a question: Just what is the purpose of someone 'spamming' our guest book, or any other site? I am curious, "What is gained?"

Larry Crum My Home: Appleton Wisconsin Yrs-On-Cony: '67-'68 Enlisted In: Moberly Missouri March 26 2010 09:48
Stumbled on the site looking for specs for the Cony. I'm building a model as she looked in Viet Nam. Came aboard in Japan as ETSN transferred out as ET3 just before she went to the yard after Nam. Any body know what happened to the "battle flag we had in Nam? I have pics.

Glenn Mosley My Home: Hyden,Ky Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 Enlisted In: Hazard, Ky February 19 2010 11:28
Roger, I thought I had previously logged in here but in my old age I guess I'm slipping. Just wanted to thank you for the site. It has allowed me to reconnect with some good friends, namely,YOU, John Jones, Bob Becker and that nut, Gary Weaver. I was greatly saddened by Gary's passing. He was a guy, who no matter whether you were sea sick, homesick or hung over from a night of too much "beach time", could make you feel better with his craziness. Was also wondering if anyone knows anything about Norman Jesse (1st class signalman) or Lefty Lane (sonar). Best regards to all. Mose RM2

Stanley Baranowski, Jr. My Home: Woodbridge, Va. Yrs-On-Cony: Son of a USS Cony shipmate Enlisted In: VScranton, Pa. February 18 2010 05:28
I have a hand drawn picture (color) of the USS Cony and the USS Phillips at Treasure Island. The picture is an "eye witness" account of the USS Cony getting hit with those two bombs from the Jap bombers. I saw some photos in the archieves that show where the two bombs hit. The picture I have shows the hits in the same place as in the photos. I got excited that I may be able to take a digital photo of this picture for inclusion in the history of the USS Cony. The photo also shows the Austrilian P-38s (?) which were supplying air support for this mission. Are you interested in a photo of this drawing???

John A. Price My Home: Moss Point / Mississippi Yrs-On-Cony: 67-69 Enlisted In: Laurel, Ms January 16 2010 14:48
Just found the site. Looking at a few of the messages I see a few names I remember, Frank Getz, Mike Seeley, Dave Best, Thomas Strack. I have many memories of our Viet Nam cruise such as the 25th ship anniversary off the coast of Viet Nam, and some of the rearming fiascos while underway. I was an RMSN when I boarded in Norfolk one month before we left for Nam and received my promotion RM3 on the cruise.

Mary Byard My Home: Elizabethtown, KY January 1 2010 08:00
My father, Seaman Sheral Lee Byard, seved on the USS Cony from 1960 to 1962. He has wonderful stories of fellow shipmates, rough seas, missions (including BOP and Mercury recovery). I write this email for him. We would like to make contact with those he served with. Plus find out why these men were never honored for their service during Bay of Pigs, and what is being done to bring about recogniton. If you can be of any help please post information.
Thank You,
Mary Byard

Lillian Bailey My Home: Hudson NC December 23 2009 17:09
I am the dalughter of Martin Bailey who served on the USS Cony in 62-64, I love the websight and appriciate seeing that the men who served are remembered on here. Thank you it's a beautiful websight and hope it stayes here many many years.

Rick Ward My Home: Ft. Worth, Texas December 10 2009 07:08
Thanks for this terriffic website. My Grandfather, Cleveland Ira Ward, (he was called "Red" at the time because of his red beard) served as a machinist mate in the engine room of the Cony in WWII and often spoke about it. He could not remember the number and I often wondered about the ship.I saw a plaque commemerating it's men and service at Fredricksburg Texas museum of the Pacific War and that led me here. I'm not sure of the years he served but he mentioned visiting New Guinea during his cruse. He was injured in an accident and that led to his discharge from the Navy. My Grandfather passed away many years ago but he never forgot his time on the Cony, and spoke of it proudly. Thanks again.

Brian Barrett My Home: Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 Yrs-On-Cony: 42-46 December 9 2009 10:40
I'am looking for information on my uncle who served on the USS Cony WW11
how would I find this information or would someone already have it? Thanks

greg dooling My Home: elmira ny Yrs-On-Cony: 62/65 Enlisted In: nyc November 29 2009 06:05
Hi Guys,I came across my copy of"October Fury" by Peter A.Huchthausen and reread it again.Great story for the guys that were there.If you were on the Cony during the Cuban "quarantine",it,s a must read! Greg

Mark C Evdemon My Home: Irwin, PA. Yrs-On-Cony: Was on Beale (58-60, RM3) Enlisted In: Toledo, Ohio November 21 2009 11:02
Greetings to fellow Desron 28 shipmates. Cony's radio call sign was NILX.
My home page is www.angelfire.com/pa5/markpa/

Dave B My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 1959 to 11/25/61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV October 30 2009 23:15
http://davebarker.portalone.us/ is the new address of my website. I have much information on PTSD, Agent Orange, radiation and other vet issues.

Stephen Cozza My Home: Potomac, Maryland Yrs-On-Cony: 1944-1945 Enlisted In: Orange, New Jersey September 27 2009 13:37
My father, Patrick "Patsy" Cozza was a fire controlman on the U.S.S. Cony from 1944-1945. I was hoping to contact any who had served with him during WW II. My dad passed away three years ago. But, he had in his possession a scrap book from his time on the USS Cony that included many photos and momentos. Please feel free to contact me at sjcozza@comcast.net. I am hoping to scan the many pictures he had from his time on the Cony and post them on the Cony website.
Steve Cozza

Reg Newell My Home: Upper Hutt,New Zealand Yrs-On-Cony: n/a Enlisted In: n/a August 21 2009 20:02
I am writing a book on Operation Goodtime,the retaking of the Treasury Islands by 8 New Zealand Brigade & 87th NCB in Oct 1943.Cony got bombed on 27 Oct & badly damaged & her story is part of Goodtime.I see most of the injured were USNR & wonder what proportion of the crew were regular USN & what were hostilites only.One engine was knocked out with steam & fire.Were the 2 engines compartmentalised?I take it damage control teams & medical teams would have swung into action once the hits occured.I presume these teams would have been well practiced.What is a K Gun?Is it a depth charge firer?Any help with these questions would be much appreciated.Thanks

Jennifer Richards/ for Lowell E Richards My Home: Dayton, Oh Yrs-On-Cony: 1944-1946 Enlisted In: Dayton, Oh August 18 2009 14:56
My Grandfather was on the cony we know in 1944, and he crossed the equator there was a cereomony that he wrote in his journal while on board i was wondering if anyone could help me in finding out more about the period of time he was aboard the destoyer. if anyone remembers him. He passed away in 1976 so unfortuanately i didn't get to spend alot of time with him to learn about this stuff since i was only 5 at the time. Thank you Jennifer

John Wonser, LT jg, SC, USNR My Home: Portage, MI 49024 Yrs-On-Cony: 1959-1960 Enlisted In: Battle Creek, MI June 3 2009 11:01
Love to hear from any guys around at that time. I just found the site and it was fun to read.

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, Nevada Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, Maryland April 20 2009 03:26
Well, Dave Barker has tried to get the truth, abot the BoP, published, again. AND, as usual, our government has quashed his efforts. Dave has tried long and hard to correct tne injustice, but so many years have gone by, that most folks don't even know what the BoP is or was. They repeatedly refer to the Cuban Missile Blockade. I have often wondered what type of history is presented, in our school systems, and I know, but don't like it. I should note, to Dave, that it has been 48 years, not 49. A small error, but it could have caused some to discount his presentaion, or at least offered an opportunity to ignore Dave's statements. I know, from experience, that every year, at this time, the editors will refuse to publish my reminders of the BoP. After the endless descriptions of Clinton's bedroom antics, that my wife and I did not wish to hear about (not our business) we see our government refuse to even acknowledge our presense at the BoP. JFK was held resposible, but the blame for failure must be put on Ike ans Allen Dulles. None of that is dicussed. I know that the BoP caused some problems for me, on my security updates (five year updates), for the clek asking the questions about that time period did not have a clearance high enough to establish a "need to know". After almost five decades, I do not see a need for this situation. We need to thank Bob for his efforts. For he has not stopped, in his efforts to protect veterans, in all aspects of their service.

Dan E. Brown My Home: Camden-on-Gauley West Virginia Yrs-On-Cony: 6o-62 Enlisted In: 58 Summersville, WVa. April 2 2009 06:24
I wanted to sign this to let people know that we were involved in the Bay of Pigs, I was there as the Captain's phone talker on the bridge during GQ. Bullets hit the side on the bridge where I was standing with the captain. So if some people say we were not there they were lying to you. We were told comiing back home not to say anything about this cruise, or we would be court-martialed.

David Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 Enlisted In: South Charleston Wv March 21 2009 00:16
We are finally recognized on Wikipedia as being in the Bay of Pigs! After many exchanges and submitted proof, Wikipedia has added us to their history of the invasion, however without many of the facts concerning our participation.

JOHN F. HANAFIN My Home: WAKEFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Yrs-On-Cony: 64-67 Enlisted In: BOSTON, MA March 20 2009 15:42

Doug Bewall RMCM USN Ret. My Home: Gold Beach OR. Yrs-On-Cony: Not a shipmate Enlisted In: San Francisco March 13 2009 08:45
Saw USS Cony reunion notice in FRAtoday.Attempting to research a Cony crewmember since 1998 based on USS Cony shoulder arc for ship. He would have been a LCDR/CDR by the Korean War. He also served on the Lowry and Newport News. His awards are COMM. w/V, ADSM w/Fleet Clasp/APCM w/9 campaigns/China Service Extended KSM w/4 campaigns. I want to place him in the Navy Log in WASHDC so who ever he is isn't lost to Navy history. For info, the Navy Log can be reached via GOOGLE by typing in navy log, go to second entry. All who served in seagoing services can be entered in the log without cost of any kind to them. As a check on the log, type in my name under "look up shipmate". If you can help, email me at bewall@hughes.net. I can also help anyone to place an entry for anyone in the Navy, USMC, USCG, Merchant Marine in war time and PHS. Doug Bewall

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV March 2 2009 20:09
I give up on Wikipedia. I posted a simpler message that we were in the Bay of Pigs and put the whale boat over the side. The editor deleted it with this message:
"User talk:Deckape
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[edit] Bay of Pigs Invasion
Hi, I have once again removed your additions to Bay of Pigs Invasion page, because they are untrue, and no reliable and verifiable references are quoted. Please study talk:Bay of Pigs Invasion for details.PeterWD (talk) 00:04, 2 March 2009 (UTC)"

So shipmates it looks like 49 more years of denial!

Dan Airey My Home: homosassa florida Yrs-On-Cony: 61-64 Enlisted In: Balto. Maryland March 2 2009 05:28
to Joshua thats looking for Willie Arvis Sumner call or E Mail me 1 352 382 1913 daire@tampabay.rr.com

David Barker My Home: Portsmoth OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV February 27 2009 11:15
FYI, I posted an edit on Wikipedia which a day later was removed. here it is: Cony/Caribe/Whaleboat
Removed good faith passage added by user:deckape 09:42, 23 February 2009:(quote)The USS Cony code named Caribe the sister ship of the Conway, put their whaleboat over the side to seek and rescue survivors. Sailors were instructed to go over the side and paint off the first digit of the hull number. Cony became the 08 rather than 508. Sailors then painted off the name Cony located on the stern. The Commission pennant and U.S. Flag were removed. As documented by Peter Wyden in his book THE BAY OF PIGS, THE UNTOLD STORY (Simon & Schuster 1978), the ships did meet some resistance. It is further documented in the VFW Magazine (September 1993), the Cony whaleboat carrying sailors heavily armed with Browning automatic rifles, was beached at one stage on a corral reef. While rescuing Brigade survivors, it was targeted by a Cuban helicopter, which was chased away by an A4D aircraft from the Essex. Small arms fire reportedly struck the Cony.(unquote)

The USS Cony was the escort destroyer for the CIA/Brigade 2506 freighter Caribe on 16 April, across the Caribbean as far as rendezvous point Zulu. The Caribe had its own US Navy assigned identifier and a CIA/Brigade 2506 code name, that of the Cony (if any) not yet discovered. The Wyden text needs much more careful analysis, backed up with other published sources. Also, Wyden says (quote)As Commodore Crutchfield watched from the Eaton, a little Navy AD rescue plane, obviously under orders not to shoot, slowed down to about a hundred knots per hour (sic) and started a "contact run."(unquote). To me, this obviously refers to an AD-5 Skyraider, not an A4D Skyhawk jet. See also this page above, section titled 'Aircraft names and designations'. I might later add a suitable passage on the (unidentified) helicopter incident that evidently occurred after 19 April 1961.

The Wiki reason: I hope everyone understands that accounts of disguising nationality and identity of military ships and aircraft (and use of napalm) need to be treated sensitively, as they might be regarded as prima facie evidence of war crimes, being breaches of international laws embodied in Geneva (convention) protocols.PeterWD (talk) 00:10, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Merle Besecker My Home: OLD fORGE PENNSULVAIIA Yrs-On-Cony: Oct. 30,1942-Jan13, 1946 Enlisted In: SCRANTON, PA February 1 2009 18:43
My name is Daniel Besecker, Merle's son.He is deceased. why no mention of him? I have his diary he kept while aboard ship. also pictures.You can contact me at 137 Howard St. Old Forge, Pennsylvania.18518 Or weireverywhere@gmail.com His diary is dated everyday, also ships news clippings from COM, NAVY FORCES, EUROPE. ADMIRAL HALSEY,,COMMANDER TASK GROUP 77.12 COMMANDER H.D JOHNSTON, ALSO POEMS HE WROTE. SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME. THANK YOU, DANIEL BESECKER Also poems he wrote. Thanks again.My phone # is 570-457-6640

Keith McGill My Home: Lansing, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 Enlisted In: Lansing, MI January 26 2009 11:23
For Charlie Liken: charlie I am from Lansing, but wonder if you can post in the email section what the address for the VFW that you will be playing at. For people that may want to get directions so thay may drive to it ?

Joshua My Home: Ahoskie/North Carolina December 4 2008 09:19
I am looking for anybody who remembers Willie Arvis Sumner from when they were serving on the Cony.

LARRY OSBORN My Home: st. joseph,mo. Yrs-On-Cony: 64-67 Enlisted In: st. joseph,mo. December 3 2008 09:53

Bill McDonald My Home: Cincinnati, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 54-56 Enlisted In: Alexandra, VA November 22 2008 15:18
Hello All Shipmates... Not too many listed from that time period! Looking for Dick Lane-Huntington,WV & Joe Valenti- El Cajohn, CA same time 54-56. Do you remember the guy who won the raffle in "Gitmo"? He won a brand new 55 Dodge convertable! Bought (1) ticket! Someone memtioned Carl Mahar mm1 ... why did he always want to be someones 'seadaddy" ? I came aboard 9/54 in Charleston Shipyard as a "snipe"... 8 mos later went to 1st Div. then 8 mos later became a "striker"in S.Bay. Ended up going to "A" school 9/56. Had lots of fun on various Carib cruises and Med. cruise in 1955. We had a mid-ocean collistion and cracked our rudder. We were "forced" to lay over in Cann France for 3 weeks during the French Film Festival ! We went to Malta for repairs and a local diver was killed when his oxygen hose got sucked into the salt water intake! Hey, remember the 2 guys on "mail bouy watch"... as I said...lots of fun!

Keith McGill My Home: Lansing Yrs-On-Cony: 65 to 67 Enlisted In: MI September 30 2008 11:40
Larry, is hat the same packrat that was with us? Have you talked with him?

Larry Osborn My Home: St. Joseph, MO. Yrs-On-Cony: 1964=1967 Enlisted In: St. Joseph, MO. September 25 2008 09:37
I am always looking for new ways to find old shipmates, I recently joined reunion .com & found Dick (packrat)Pottratz,I have high hopes of finding others. It cost $36.00 for 3months or$60.00 per year. It had some other people I knew but if they are not active members they might not get the e-mail.I will let everyone know if I have any more luck.

Sonya Christiano(daughter of Gary Weaver) My Home: Gloversville NY September 16 2008 04:47
I just wanted to thank all of you for your condolences,messages,thoughts and prayers when my father passed away. It has been eight months already that he has been gone from his family and friends.We all miss him dearly but are starting to heal and go on. I visited this website today because I was thinking of my dad and how proud he was to be a member of the Cony. He would tell us, his children and grandchildren, many stories of the ship, his friends and his adventures.I just wanted you all to know how dearly he held you in his heart and memories. Getting reaquainted with his shipmates was a great source of pleasure to him in the recent years before his death. I'm glad to see his photos and name are here to be remembered.He would be honored to be remembered so fondly.

AARON BRYAN ROTHWELL J.R. My Home: Charleston, SC. Yrs-On-Cony: 55-59 Enlisted In: Norfolk,Va. September 14 2008 01:25
Thank you for your response! Also for for correcting the error! Sorry, it has been a good eight month's or so now since I have been back. Things have just begun to start getting back to normal if that makes sense. Thank you once again! This page means a lot to not only those who loved and dedicated their lives to that ship; but also their loved ones as well! It is always a little piece of home! Thanks again!

Robert Shafer My Home: Columbus, Indiana Yrs-On-Cony: 52-55 Enlisted In: Cplumbus, Indiana August 10 2008 03:54
Hi Roger, Thanks for bringing your web site back on. I am a fellow Hoosier same as yourself. I retired from Cummins engine Co, here in Columbus,In. back in 1985.It is a great thing that you are keeping the Cony web site on. I feel that keeps us (shipmates) closer togeather.

Rogers, John Thomas My Home: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada Yrs-On-Cony: 0 Enlisted In: Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada August 9 2008 16:47
Found a folk art wooden model of 508 in Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada. Was intrigued, bought and took it home. Model approximately 14"long,3"wide and 6" high.Back funnel absent as not to scale in mid section. An interesting history upon research. Excellent web site. Best Wishes to all who sailed her.

Bob Kalbaugh (RD3) My Home: Franklin, TN Yrs-On-Cony: 61-62 Enlisted In: Cumberland, MD July 17 2008 12:46
Roger, Thanks for putting me in touch with Don Blackburn. We were shipmates on the Cony, and from the same hometown. Saw his name on the new members roster in the newsletter last week. Its only been 47 years.. planning a get together next month. Thanks again.

Herman W Stevens My Home: Nakina, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 65-68 Enlisted In: Nakina, NC June 12 2008 19:58
I am often monitoring this site. I like to read the messages other shipmates or there families leave. Even though I may have never served with the majority of Cony crew members it really helps to understand the complete picture of the years Cony sailed the high seas !
I also like to monitor other military sites. This evening I see that a Federal Appeals Court has reversed its decision on Blue-water Sailors receiving compensation for Agent Orange. If any crew member, who made the trip to Vietnam, that has filed an AO related claim, gets denied because of the VA going back to its old tactic of saying you must have set foot on land....""have no fear""....contact me and I will provide written proof, accepted and written by the Board of Veterans Appeals in a Decision for an AO related illness, that Cony sailors did in fact "set foot on land." "Ain't war hell!" It never ends !!!! You have a great day and may the God of Love and Peace forever Bless each and every one of you !!!! A word to the crews of other ships who made the Vietnam cruise....get your ships Deck Logs from that period...it really helps!! All Deck Logs are retained by the Naval Archives in Maryland.

John E. Boy My Home: Gibsonia, PA Yrs-On-Cony: 1942-1945 Enlisted In: My father John Boy, Jr May 29 2008 01:49
My father John Boy, Jr. was a close friend of Tom Fitzgerald both during and after the war. Judy Koch wanted to talk to someone who knew Tom and although my father passed away in 2001 I have pictures of them in China (1945) and back here in the states (1990's?) that I would be happy to share with her. Please feel free to give Judy my email address or cell phone number so that she can contact me. I work in dowtown Pittsburgh so we can't be too far away... Thanks for maintaining this website! Since my father passed my sons and I enjoy checking in now and then for the stories and information that bring the memories of my father back, even for a brief moment. Thanks to all the men and women who served and continue to serve this great country!

Andrew Bilodeau My Home: Toms River Yrs-On-Cony: WW2 Enlisted In: NJ April 16 2008 02:43
My father was Wilfred Bilodeau, he served on the Cony during WW2. I was hoping to hear from someone on this site. I know he was a torpedoman, and he was friends with Carol Babin. Please call me at 908-814-1438

Judy (Fitzgerald) Koch My Home: Pittsburgh, PA Yrs-On-Cony: 1940's Enlisted In: n/a (my Dad, Thomas P. Fitzgerald "Irish") April 5 2008 06:08
Dear Cony Crew,
My dear Dad, Thomas P. Fitzgerald, Jr., from Pittsburgh, PA, was aboard the Cony in the 1940's; I believe the captain's name at the time was "Crash" Johnson. I am trying to find anyone who remembers my Dad (my hero). Thank you, and thank you for your service...yours is a generation we will never experience again - one of a kind! My uncle was also aboard the Cony w/my Dad. His name is Walter Typinski from Detroit, MI.

Frank Getz My Home: Hagerstown/MD Yrs-On-Cony: 66-69 Enlisted In: Stroudsburg/PA March 17 2008 10:23
For Robert Althausen. I remember our Vietnam cruise too! I was a Yeoman during our Vietnam cruise and served in Mount 52 during GQ. I placed the first powder-keg in the ram to receive our danger pay. I do have my 5" brass ash tray and I proudly display it at my residence and have received many comments about it. Nice connecting up with you. getzf@aol.com

Msg for Walt Heineke
Hi Walt: I remember going dead in the water off Norfolk. I was onboard then and remember it well. Drop me a line getzf@aol.com
Msg for Alex Sanistevan
Drop me a line. Long time no hear from you. getzf@aol.com Frank

Tom Nathe My Home: Beaverton, Oregon Yrs-On-Cony: none March 1 2008 17:02
Just happened across a book that appears to have been owned by (then) Midshipman Robert A. Bogardus, dated 9/27/37.
The book is Fath's "Elements of Astronomy", 1934.
Thanks to this website, I was able to find out who the gentelman was!
The book has a list of other 12 midshipmen in his class (NAV 401 and 403). Also, it lists his room number - 4050.

LARRY OSBORN My Home: ST. JOSEPH,MO. Yrs-On-Cony: 1964-1967 Enlisted In: ST. JOSEPH, MO February 28 2008 05:06

Robert Shafer Quartermaster/signalman My Home: Indiana Yrs-On-Cony: 52-55 Enlisted In: Columbus, In. February 8 2008 07:30
Yes Greg I seen that moment when the Cony Fired It's 5" gun. Sure looked good. Kinda like the old days. Bob

greg dooling My Home: elmira Yrs-On-Cony: 62 65 Enlisted In: nyc February 2 2008 13:38
Hi Guys,I was watching the tube the other day and thought I saw....a ghost!...But It was too quick for me,so I made a mental note to look again.Well,tonight I caught It.The U.S.S.Cony is being shown fireing off that big wepon forward.Sorry I can,t describe it better but it was a nice picture.They said the show would be on Feb.4 The History cannel.Maybe it has been on before but new to me......Regards Greg

Herman W. Stevens GMG2 My Home: Nakina, N.C. Yrs-On-Cony: 65-68 Enlisted In: Nakina, NC January 26 2008 20:21
I too would like to hear from Charles Williams and Beltz. Got a picture of Williams leaning back in a chair on the beach at some tropical bar enjoying life at sunset! Beltz and I had a few great times when we went to Gitmo in 65/66 even though I did have a broke foot from carrying the radioman(can't remember who he was...passed slap out!) from down in the motor whale boat alway down to his bunk when anchored in Montego Bay, Jam.

Alex Santistevan My Home: Trinidad, Colorado Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 Enlisted In: Trinidad, Colorado January 14 2008 16:44
Would like to hear from some of the guys that served at that time, hope I remember them all.

Gerry Van Nest My Home: Port Murray,NJ Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: Newark,NJ January 6 2008 10:50
Hi ED Small, please send me your em address, would love to hear from you. I wonder if any one has heard from Charles Williams he was in the gun gang?

Ed Small My Home: Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 63-65 Enlisted In: SC January 5 2008 14:37
Gerry Van Nest, It was good to see your name on the Cony site. I often think of when we were pulling into port and Old Sam was in charge of the fantail crew and all of the laughs we had. I remember Bill Sager and when he drowed.

Gerry Van Nest My Home: Port Murray,NJ 07865 Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: Newark,NJ December 20 2007 13:01
Lisa Annala,
Would love to get in touch with your Dad again. My e-mail is gvannest comcast.net

Greg dooling My Home: elmira ny Yrs-On-Cony: 62 65 Enlisted In: nyc December 18 2007 12:45
If I try hard enough.........I can still walk the decks and feel her roll! Merry Christmas to all,Greg

Gerry Van Nest My Home: Port Murray,NJ 07865 Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: Newark,NJ December 16 2007 04:31
Hi Greg, it was nice to see your name again. You are correct it was Bill Sager who drowned on the way back to our ship in Norfolk.

greg dooling My Home: elmira ny Yrs-On-Cony: 1962 1965 Enlisted In: 1961 December 11 2007 04:31
Hi Roger, I check our web site from time to time and was thinking of a shipmate that lost his life one evening on his way back to the ship from liberty. I feel he should be remembered by having his name on our web site. As best I remember it was Bill Sager. He was in the First Division as a deck seaman. I can see the face of his friend who took his body back to Michigan but can't recall the name. He fell off the pier....intoxicated. Sad....Merry Christmas Greg

Yes, I remember the incident, but didn't remember his name. Roger

Aaron Bryan Rothwell J.R. My Home: Charleston,SC. Yrs-On-Cony: 56-59 Enlisted In: My Dad, Norfolk, VA. December 9 2007 02:10
It is coming up on a year since my Dad, Bryan Rothwell passed. On your deceased list it shows him as a MM1. He was a MM3. Though the real reason I searched this site is to let you guy's know how much he expressed to me the passion and love he had for his ship, and the brothers that he gained! His favorite time of year before he left was ya'lls reunions. Dad told me so many stories of his years on the ship. Though if there is anyone out there that served with him, I would enjoy a good story right now. And to his bunk-mate, when he came home from the reunion last year, he gave me the lighter. Told me the story behind it. One of my most prized possessions!

Lisa Annala-Friend My Home: Bothell, WA Yrs-On-Cony: no Enlisted In: no November 23 2007 16:08
My dad, Scott Annala served on the USS Cony for several years before I was born. I am immensely proud of his service to our country and am delighted to see this very well done website.

PJ Coyne My Home: Pittsburgh/PA Yrs-On-Cony: 65/67 Enlisted In: pittsburgh November 16 2007 08:11
I spoke with Georg Mancoso recently and he informed me of the site. Sorry to find out about Ken Bailey's passing, he attended my sisters wedding w/me. By the way, I do remember Madagasca, Byron, & Lowder!

Fred Mason My Home: Hillgirt Yrs-On-Cony: Nov 42 Enlisted In: Asheville, NC October 25 2007 15:23
Served on Cony during shake-down cruise
Casco Bay Maine. Left the ship in Boston after all the bolts we tightened, From there Cony left for Pacific.

Christopher Guelbert My Home: St. Louis, Missouri October 14 2007 16:09
Looking over old records from my grandfather's service in WWII, I discovered he served on the USS Cony sometime between October 30, 1942 to October 23, 1945. His name was Raymond Guelbert.

John Bartko My Home: Monroeville Yrs-On-Cony: 41-46 Enlisted In: Pennsylvania October 13 2007 15:52
Would love to hear from anyone who served on the Cony. I am 86 now and can still recall those times as if they were yesterday.

Robert Althausen MR2 My Home: Middlesex,NJ Yrs-On-Cony: 1967-1968 Enlisted In: New Brunswick NJ September 27 2007 23:02
I have many fond memories of our Vietnam cruise. I was the MR on the ship. Does anyone still have the ash trays I made from the 5 inch brass?

John Townsend FTG2 My Home: Bullhead City, AZ Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Coeur D' Alene, Idaho September 5 2007 18:03
I have fond memories of being in the real Navy on a real ship. I would enjoy hearing from anyone that remembers our fun off Cuba or the long watches in sonar.

George C. Jones My Home: Savannah Georgia August 27 2007 05:52
I am the Historian for the USS Gearing
And would like to know if anyone has a photo or drawing of the Squadron 28 emblem as it was painted on the bridge.

Dallas Lynch My Home: Slidell, Louisiana Yrs-On-Cony: 62 to ? Enlisted In: Norfolk, Virginia July 19 2007 08:39
Hi Shipmates, I have truly enjoyed reading about "our" ship. I also want to contact anyone who was on the CONY when it was in the yard at Philadelphia. Call me at 985-781-9965 or send me an email.

Dallas Lynch My Home: Slidell, Louisiana Yrs-On-Cony: 62 to ? Enlisted In: Norfolk, Virginia July 19 2007 08:21
Hi Shipmates, I am working on a VA Claim and need to know if anyone knows how I may obtain a copy of the Engineering log while the CONY was in Vietnam. I served temporary duty on a River Patrol Boat and need to document the time I spent "in country". If you remember my leaving the CONY for assignment to the River Patrol Boat please contact me at 985-781-9965.

Dallas Lynch My Home: Slidell, Louisiana Yrs-On-Cony: 62 to ? Enlisted In: Norfolk, Virginia July 19 2007 07:38
Lindell Hooks - Call me at 985-781-9965 (home) or 985-710-2750 (cell).

Stanley H. Mundy My Home: Mitchell, Indiana Yrs-On-Cony: 1960-63 Enlisted In: Indianapolis, IN__1959 July 4 2007 08:20
Hey, there, shipmates. I'm living in Southern Indiana and would love to hear from any of you guys who served on the Cony. Anybody know where Jim Huggins is? Or Stephen Amadeo or Fred Stohlhand?

Kathleen Stucker My Home: Salisbury NC June 18 2007 10:57
I am looking for infromation on my Grandpa Loren LaVern Truitt. He is listed as being onboard in 1945. I would love to read/stories or pictures about him during this time.

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59- to 11/25/61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV June 16 2007 01:32
Thank you Roger for providing us an chance to renew old friendships. This remains my favorite place to visit. Some of our shipmates may find information on my website of great use. Especially those who may have been in front of radar antennas. Or went to Vietnam.
New radar microwave information, PTSD, chemical exposure and more is on
Please review.
I was saddened to see Captain Frank C Dunham has passed away.

Warent R Gilliems My Home: Stamford Ct Yrs-On-Cony: 64-67 Enlisted In: NY June 14 2007 10:33

George "Bud" Finch My Home: Eastport, Maine 04631 June 4 2007 09:32
Great job on the web page for the USS Cony. As I am sure you are aware Joseph S. Cony was a native of Eastport and the USS Cony was christened by Alice Sleight a decentent of the Cony family. Locally we have at our maritime museum for display the bell from the USS Cony and in our library park we have a granite memorial stone in honor of the ship and those who served on her. Best of Luck and thank you for the great work you have done on this site. Bud

TED LEWIS My Home: SEVERNA PARK, MARYLAND Yrs-On-Cony: NOT A CREW MEMBER Enlisted In: NYC (1944) May 26 2007 12:32



Elliott Klinger My Home: Lake Worth Fl. Yrs-On-Cony: 56-59 Enlisted In: NYC May 16 2007 08:19
I just turned 17 when come aboard. I had many good years aboard w/ some good friends. I wonder what happen to some of them. Corrigan, Jones, Sullivan. Sasso Etc. I came aboard as a RM and left a being in supply SK2 with Mr. Weinberg.

Andrew BILODEAU My Home: toms river nj Yrs-On-Cony: 45-46 Enlisted In: Mass. April 12 2007 06:01
My dad was Wilfred Maurice Bilodeau. He sarved on the USS Cony during WW2. I would like to know how to find any info on this, since he is not on the roster. PLEASE help me if anyone can. Email me at 60east@gmail.com

Howard (LANE) Whitten MM3 My Home: Aurora ILLinois Yrs-On-Cony: 66-67 Enlisted In: Granite city ILLinois April 5 2007 16:03
After boot in SanDiego CA and MM school at Great Lakes I was stationed on the USS Yellowstone D27 in Mayport Fla,then was transfered to the Cony for my last year in the Navy and that was the most memorable of the 4 years,I almost shipped over,and I've regretted not doing so.
I retired from the UnionPacific Railroad April 1st 2004,as a Locamotive Engineer.

Ellen Quinn Kachuck My Home: Franklin NH Yrs-On-Cony: Dad served 45-47 Enlisted In: daughter of a Proud Navy veteran March 29 2007 22:35
I wish I had found this site sooner-My Dad Raymond Quinn served aboard the Cony. In recent years he enjoyed very much keeping in touch with former shipmates and he attended the reunion in 2006 in Buffalo-It is with deep regret that I let all his shipmates know that he passed away peacefully on Feb. 5, and was buried with military honors. Anyone wishing to read his obituary and leave a condolence message can go to quealyandson.com and click on his name. On behalf of my Mom and sisters I would like to thank all of you who kept in touch with my Dad-he really enjoyed it and he deeply regretted that the last months of his life he was too ill to keep up any communications. God bless you all and God bless America

David Reed My Home: Denison Texas Yrs-On-Cony: 1965 to 1967, 68? Enlisted In: Denison Texas March 28 2007 18:36
I just can not believe I can not spell my email address. I have to thank Roger for having the the belief and time to chase me down from the Shifter Kart (gocart) posting. Roger has to be the best on the net - he can spell and I thank him! Me I can keep the emergency diesel working, the reefer decks working and after steering working but I can't spell. OOPS! Correct my spelling anytime!
I walked on board the Cony at night. the quarter deck took my papers and and the watch lead me aft to a water tight door. I had seen water tight doors but this water tight door was the real thing.
At the bottom of the ladder, it was more than dark and nothing smelled the same as when I walked on board. I look and dragged my sea bag to the left and a short distance to another water tight door that was open. I walked in, leaving my sea bag outside the door, to see four guys playing poker.
There was this huge black first class black man that looked up. I think I said my rate, I'm not sure, even what I said if I said anything.
Butler EN1, said. Make a pot of coffee. Heck, I did not know how to make coffee, I did know how to wipe my butt! Terrified, you bet!
Cony took me around the world twice. I watched her labor in the seas out side Norfolk, VA. She never let me down and always brought me home! I will never let her down, even if it has to be memories. Cony taught me how to be a man and live. She taught me about the other humans that live on this planet.
If I ever win the big Lotto, I'm going to Roseavelt Roads Puerto Rico and raise the Cony and ship with her where ever she sails. With 'Thirty Knot Thiel', on the bridge we will get there rather fast!
I have to thank that my listing of a Shifter Kart on Kam Kart Way, allowed Roger to find me. But then all Cony sailors will always sail together.
I even have the blueprints of her engineering propulsion systems, if I can find them.
Thanks, shipmates, I'm here, might not be able to spell and transpose - I not that young anymore!
David Reed EN2, A-gang

EN2 David Reed My Home: Denison/TX Yrs-On-Cony: 1965 - 1967? Enlisted In: Texas March 26 2007 18:17
I don't even believe that any one would care if I served on the 'Cony Boat' - somebody did! My email might be wrong. Maybe try, rholman@cableone.net

I am a real member of the Cony. I ran her decks any time GQ sounded. Cony took me around the world twice. Cony DD 508 might have been an 'old girl' but she could plane guard when the hot to trot 2250 class cans couldn't - I was there! I don't know how too register as a crew member. I was, need some help with the web sight. I am not special but I saw, Cony's, last moments. I read her hull numbers and I cried. Cony cared about me and I cared about her.
Reed EN2

Walt Heinecke My Home: Coronado, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 67-69 Enlisted In: San Diego, CA 1962 March 16 2007 21:47
Here is a sea story for you: My lasting memory as the brand new chief snipe in 1969 on my first underway with the ship, we were steaming out of Norfolk when we lost the load and the emergency diesel did not fire off...leaving us dead in the water off Norfolk with no power. The BTs had to use hand billows to lite off the boilers. Any one remember this? Karl R Theile was the CO and I will never forget him that day...(or any other day for that matter.) He was not a happy camper. Anyone else remember that one? More sea stories to follow so stay tuned...

Charlie Lee Nelson,Sr. My Home: Ballengee, WV Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 Enlisted In: beckley, west virginia March 7 2007 14:45
My job on the Cony was an electrician for a year and then a boiler maker for 2 years, I'm interested in the reunion this year at Pigeon Forge, 2007.

Bob Mitich My Home: Donnelly Idaho 83615 Yrs-On-Cony: 61-64 Enlisted In: Boise Idaho February 24 2007 11:24
HI Roger I would like to get an address for Bill Gordon I have a picture or two taken during the B.O.P to send him. Thanks, Bob

John S. Farrell My Home: Gerrardstown WV Enlisted In: Middleburgh, NY February 19 2007 11:30
My father served on the Cony and told me of the story about getting hit in the Turasury Islands He was in the gun turret when they got hit and he was one of only a couple who survived. We use to go to reunions in Pokipsie NY at the Mollicas house good times! HT1(SW) USN Retired Proudly

JOHN GUAY My Home: NEW PORT RICHEY, FL Yrs-On-Cony: JULY 1962-JULY1964 Enlisted In: BUFFALO,NY 1961 January 27 2007 12:55

Mike Seeley, RD2 My Home: Reno, Nevada Yrs-On-Cony: Feb 67 -- July 69 Enlisted In: Ventura, California January 12 2007 06:44
Roger, nice improvement on the web site. Reported on board at Norfork, VA. Recall the memorable Vietnam campaign, Jim Ummel's parties in NJ and the many weekend road trips from Philly to Youngstown, OH w/ Dave Best and Tom Grimley. Now semi-retired in Reno, Nevada. Have pictures.

Virgil A (AL) Staley My Home: Tavares Fl 32778 Yrs-On-Cony: 67 - 68 Enlisted In: Parkersburg W.Va December 25 2006 12:04
SN Deck Force

David P. Sands STG2 My Home: Grand Ledge, MI. Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 Enlisted In: Lansing, MI December 18 2006 13:20
I do remember Keith McGill. When I boarded the Cony in the Red Sea I asked if there was anyone on board from Michigan. Imagine my surprise to find Keith who lived on the same road within a mile of my home. I still live on that same road just a half mile from where I grew up. I have been married to Sueann for 32 years.
I remember that ride home. I got a $125 speeding ticket. One of only two in my life. I remember Tom Grimley, Lew Brock, Mike, Hosgood, and of course Beetle Baily. I looked for John Ferrara (sp ?) from New York on the Vietnam Wall but couldn't find it.
Remember the Sea Bat?

TED LEWIS My Home: SEVERNA PARK,MD Yrs-On-Cony: NO Enlisted In: NYC (1944) December 16 2006 04:14
served on the CONY 1942/43


Tom Grimley My Home: Carlsbad/CA Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68??? Enlisted In: Minneapolis/MN December 12 2006 11:45
This is a great site. I remember qite a few of the people who have posted messages. After the decommissioning of the Cony, I went to the Conway for a little over a year.

I have tried to contact Tom, but have not had a reply.

Keith McGill My Home: Lansing, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 Enlisted In: Grand Ledge, MI December 11 2006 08:02
Hello David Sands, do you remmber me I used to live on old 16, step fathers name was Verlinde in the brick house on corner off 16 going to your home, next door to some of your relatives, rode school bus home with you and even remember driving home to Eagle one time with you and a couple of others from the Cony in an 88 olds, do you remmber that ride? you should make it to Pigeon Forge for next Cony Reunion. Let me know.

David P. Sands STG2 My Home: Grand Ledge, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 Enlisted In: Lansing, MI December 10 2006 06:55
Joined the Cony in the Suez Canal '66. Made many friends there. I was the messenger of the watch when the girls were visiting UB Plot the Palma de M... Remember the missing Aqua Velva aftershave. Hi Mike Wright. Where's Bob McVay (PA.). How about Ron Thomas (Cincinati) Remember taking the roll on the West Pac cruise and Bailey's bed getting flooded in the torpode bedroom?
I am still living on the same road where I grew up. Retired 32yrs. Skilled trades Welder, General Motors.
3 Yrs in the Navy was just right.

larry osborn MM3 My Home: ST. JOSEPH,MO. Yrs-On-Cony: 1964/1967 Enlisted In: ST.JOSEPH.MO. December 10 2006 06:44

Bob Shafer My Home: Columbus, In. Yrs-On-Cony: 52/55 Enlisted In: Columbus, In. November 22 2006 05:44
That was a good message that LT. Auchinclaus said. He was my Boss on the Bridge. Happy Thanksgiving Bob

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59- 11/25/61 Enlisted In: South Charleston WV November 10 2006 23:50
I have a certificate created on my computer, for the Navy Expedition Medal for those who served on the Cony during the Bay of Pigs or Cuban Blockade. If you were in one, or both advise me, so I can amend the certificate. It is free for the asking. I sent out 6 by e-mail but they seem to be off center when downloaded. I will mail you one if you send me your name address and rank or rate. Large SSAE enclosed would be appreciated if possible.
Dave Barker, AMVETS
17273 State Route 107
Chillicothe OH 45601

Si Daugherty My Home: Exmore, VA Yrs-On-Cony: '58 - '60 Enlisted In: "54 October 7 2006 08:23
Great website. Did you see the christening of the Bush, CVN 77 See my blog http://360.yahoo.com/sidaugherty
I referred to the Cony in it.

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth OH Yrs-On-Cony: 1059 top 11/25/61 Enlisted In: So Charleston WV September 5 2006 00:29
For those Blue Water Sailors in Vietnam waters please visit my website. I have up to date information on AO claims. 

Frank Getz My Home: Hagerstown, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 66-69 Enlisted In: Scranton, PA August 31 2006 07:01
My first duty station was the Cony as a deck seaman. I remained onboard thru her decommissioning where I was the decommissioning Yeoman. I took the last diary to the post office in Philadelphia. I went to Vietnam onboard CONY and eventually was stationed on the ocean going tug which towed her to the bay and watched her continue her life as part of the reef. I remained in the Navy until 1989 and retired at a YNCS. Great years onboard CONY. Great job on this web site.

Robert Shafer My Home: Columbus, Yrs-On-Cony: 52-55 Enlisted In: Indiana August 29 2006 12:22
I would to say Hi to all you newer signalman. When I was aboard her we had to do both jobs as Signalman and Quartermaster. You guys had it easy. ha.ha.

Gary Weaver 'WEAVE' My Home: Johnstown,New York Yrs-On-Cony: Served on Cony 1961-1964 Enlisted In: Johnstown,N.Y. August 22 2006 05:46
Came on the Cony as RM but Quickly transfered to bridge as SM. Was aboard during B.O.P. and Cubian Missle. Spent a lot of time on the Helm of this old girl, some good,and some not so good. Would love to hear from fellow shipmates. Trying to locate Carlos Brawley QM; Robert McKee SM; Norman JESSIE SM; Huget QM

Eddie (Ed) Small My Home: Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 1963-1965 Enlisted In: Rock Hill, SC August 11 2006 17:12
I was a TM3 in the Fox Div. Some of the guys I served with Carlos Brawley, Pruden, Dennis Marine, Deboy, Pridemore, Larson, Mancuso, Rinehammer & Samogi. We were at sea most of the time and visited a lot ports. I enjoyed my time in Navy & on the Cony. Would like to hear from some of the guys.

greg dooling My Home: Elmira NY Yrs-On-Cony: 1962 1965 Enlisted In: NY NY August 9 2006 14:41
Looking to get in touch with Sharky Spargue about Mike Cleary QM3 Thanks greg gregorydooling@webtv.net

George (Sharky) Sprague QM3 My Home: Epping, NH Yrs-On-Cony: 61-63 Enlisted In: Boston, Mass July 23 2006 09:32
I remember the BOP and cubin blockade. I am looking for micheal patrick o'cleary or anyone that might remember me.

Russell W. Poe My Home: 1717 Janet Place, Kirkwood, MO (St. Louis) 63`122 Yrs-On-Cony: 42-45 Enlisted In: St. Louis, MO July 18 2006 07:13
Reported aboard Cony at Boston Navy yard 11-9-42 as FC3C. Left ship 4-01-45 as FC1C going to V-12 program at Princeton University.

Kent W. Nichols My Home: Putnam Station, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 1964-1965 Enlisted In: Ticonderoga NY July 13 2006 05:24
I also remember the caribian cruises

Michael Wright; STG2 My Home: Tampa, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 1964-68 Enlisted In: Jacksonville, FL July 8 2006 15:16
Rog' - just wanted to thank you for posting the pictues from the latest reunion; I smiled the whole time I scrolled.

So good seeing familiar faces after all these years, Barroga, Gangle, McGill, Oker, Larsen & especially Leo Kress and George Mancuso. George is evidently wearing contact lenses now (as do I). Many's the time I've told friends about his howling at the moon while standing starboard watch on the bridge.

Just amazes me how everyone looks older, but I've stayed the same. Hope to catch a future one myself.

Cheers, Mike

Michael P. Heslin My Home: Kilgore, TX Yrs-On-Cony: 11-55;01-21-59 Enlisted In: Binghamton, NY July 7 2006 18:49
Great Job on the website. I had an earlier post. I served with Maury Sweetin, Bob Smith, Bill Russo was the lead ET when I came aboard. The gang included Suskey, Courtney Wayne Rutherford III, Geo Bradish, and yours truly. Served with Ed Norton and Arnie Anderson, Ken Cox, Charlie Kane, Vicne Eckert, Morganthaler, John Cronin was the mailman when I came aboard in Norfolk, VA. Ken Cox and a few of the other guys came after me. Don Ritter was the best cook on the ship. His "bearclaws" were out of this world. Sweetin was a little ahead of me. Life magazine did a feature in the early days of "Task Force Alfa." The Cony nearly did itself in. Having the least captain at that time, we were at the rear of the formation. The photogs were shooting from the hangar deck of the carrier. The phortogs weren't getting that white rooster tail they wanted from a previous depth charge run we made past the carrier so our captain in order to appease teh photogs set the depth charges to around 15 ft. As we only drew approximately 13 ft of draught, when the depth charge went off, the photogs got the white plume and the fantail of the Cony being lifted out of the water. That pix should be around someplace.
Jerry Sanford, radarman from that era lives in Longview, TX. Talked to him on the phone but haven't got together. A sad note to mention, in case you do not know Gary Schoultz, originally out of Hanover or something like that in PA, of late from Tyler, TX this past year. He retired from the USPS. He married a girl he met when we went to Port Arthur, TX in May of 1957 or 58. May he rest in peace.

John Simkins My Home: Baltimore, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 60-63 July 7 2006 04:54
BZ for this excellent website. I enjoy combing through the familiar names and the memories that they all bring back.
You did great work in OI Division -- you're still doing great work.
Was hoping to find the name Bill Reynolds, RDC, OI Div, on the roster.
Some of the best times of my life were the years in OC Div. and OI Div.
Thanks again for all that you have done for all of us!
Drick Simkins

Terry L. Murphy My Home: El Cajon Yrs-On-Cony: 59-62 Enlisted In: Minneapolis, MN July 7 2006 04:51
Cony was my first Ship other than TAD on Shenadoah AD26 waiting for Cony to return to port. Had some great times,then was sent to Sonar "A" School which after completion returned to Cony for a short time 'till I transferred to Conway.
The rest of my twenty went to Submarine duty. We spent as much time underwater on Cony so I decided to get paid for it. Now retired Navy and SSI, married and enjoying the San Diego area...El Cajon to be exact. Godspeed to you all and thanks to Roger for his great effort.

BUC(SWC) Richard A Moody(Ret) My Home: Sardis, Tn Enlisted In: Jacksonville,Fla June 29 2006 17:53
Hi Roger
I was looking at a Continous Service Certificate that belonged to my Father transfered to the USS Cony from the USS Morris (417) at sea 12-31-42 to 7-12-43 as a GM2c and GM1c. At that time the crew of the USS Cony was a unit of Task Force 68, U.S. South Pacific Force. On 3-6-43 the force, while proceeding to bombard ememy installatiions at Vila-Staanmore on of Kolambagora, New Georgia group, encontered, engaged and sank 2 enemy (Jap) warships in Kula Bay, then carried out effectively bombardment task. If you or anyone knows the type of ship I would like to know. If any one is around from that time I would love to talk to them.

John M. (Jack) Sheehan MM2 My Home: Ellington, CT Yrs-On-Cony: 52-55 Enlisted In: Erie, PA June 29 2006 14:45
I was referred to yor site by Ed Bridges who served with me in the forward engine room under the famous Carl Mahar. I was "Water King" for a lot of the time and always took a lot of ribbing about "listing" the ship in Londonderry Ireland by shipping most of the fresh water to the port side and none to starboard. It was great to read comments from my shipmates and look forward to reading comments from others. I have been searching for Bob Burklin and would love to get in touch with him. Thanks Roger for a great website.

Allen Larson My Home: East Troy WI Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: Marquette MI June 18 2006 19:43
Just a note for anyone who remembers Richard Anuszewski who was aboard from about. 63 through the Med Cruise in 66. I was finally able to track down a phone number and spoke to his Son. He told me Rich died, I think he said in 93. Rich was a Machinery Repairman who did some very good work on a lathe which had seen better days. I've been looking for him for quite awhile, and it was not the kind of news I had hoped for.

harry puch My Home: hawthorne,nj Yrs-On-Cony: 1967-1969 Enlisted In: paterson,nj June 10 2006 05:44
hi to lindell hooks and dallas lynch.lindell remember taiwan liberty.and dallas remember when you came home to paterson with me

Phil Vendramin BT3 My Home: MESA ARIZONA Yrs-On-Cony: 1960-1962 Enlisted In: Gary, Indiana June 8 2006 17:35
Roger I would like to get in touch with ED KUNTZ I think I remember him if he's the same one I hung with.

Roger Rieman My Home: Ocala, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 Enlisted In: Niles, MI June 2 2006 16:40
Don Christenson, I tried emailing the address that you left on the message before this and it came back. Please email me from my address from the home page of this site. Thanks

don christenson My Home: antigo, wi Yrs-On-Cony: 00 (Please see note below) Enlisted In: chicago, il May 31 2006 19:40
I was not stationed onboard Cony, but I believe Captain Karl Thiele, (if he is indeed the same man), was my commanding officer onboard USS Trenton (LPD-14) in 1971-72. I was one of his orderlies, wound up serving 27 years and retired an SMCS. Is it possible to contact this fine naval officer? Thank-you so much.

Alvis OBrian EM2 My Home: Independence, Louisiana Yrs-On-Cony: 1957-1960 Enlisted In: New Orleans, Louisiana April 27 2006 15:19
Great job!!

TOMMY LEE ATCHESON SFM3 My Home: ATLANTA, GEORGIA Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: ATL, GA. April 15 2006 15:59

Ace Barroga (Sam) My Home: San Leandro, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 63-67 Enlisted In: Enlisted in the Philippines April 15 2006 10:42
Enjoyed every port the ship had visited: Northern Europe,Caribbean, to name a few including Madagascar. Interested to communicate with old buddies from supply department - Roy Deboy, Greg Dooling, Robert Posimoto, John Hanafin, John Bronson, Mark Grupke, and others. Email me if you can. Hope to see you at the reunion.

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 59 to 11/25/61 Enlisted In: Charleston WV April 8 2006 22:49
On April 17th I will be driving to Daytona Beach Florida for our annual AMVETS Training. That is the anniversary of the day we steamed in the Bay of Pigs 45 years before. We still are basically ignored, but not completely. Usually our involvement is left out of the news media. We however it did get some notice on Military.com discussion boards. If you are interested take a peek. I post on Colonel Hackworth's Discussion Boards (he was my mothers cousin) and I am moderator on Health and Fitness. That was five full days of action I will never forget. Monday April 17 to Friday April 21, 1961.

Keith McGill My Home: Lansing, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 Enlisted In: Lansing, MI March 30 2006 10:17
Is there any site or place to get a list of shipmates on Cony? ;looking for old friends, hey WIZ maybe we can find out about some of the old crew? See you all in Buffalo!

Wayne P. Brotherton, Sr. My Home: Amargosa Valley, Nevada Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, Maryland March 28 2006 12:48
Roger or Jim Sievert, could you e-mail me. There's a name I haven't heard in 44 years (that's scary).

Jim Sievert My Home: Katy, TX Yrs-On-Cony: 61-63 Enlisted In: Clovis, New Mexico March 18 2006 14:07
Roger - great job on the Website. I found it after a search that was brought about following a technical conference in San Diego last week where we made a tour of the Midway (CV41). Lots of names on this site that brought back faces and more history than I had recalled.

I was an IC3 and recall the Russian Subs off Bermuda; the day some of the shipmates caught a shark off the fantail; and chasing after the astronauts landing site. The time spent in the Navy and on the Cony helped get me through college and into engineering. thanks again for the great job you have done on the website. Jim (and Suzy)

Kenny Cox My Home: Winter Haven Yrs-On-Cony: 57-59 Enlisted In: FL March 11 2006 02:26
Just wanted to leave a message about the sinking of the our ship. A friend of mine who I worked with for 11 years at the Women's Prison in Coldwater, Mich is down here in Florida visiting me for a week. I was talking about the Cony being sunk for target practice off Puerto Rico. He asked me what year and he told me that he was probably involved in the sinking. To make a long story short, my friend Dave was a Gunner's Mate on the USS Plymouth Rock and was one of the men that actually fired on and sunk the Cony. Now what's the odds of that? 36 years after your ship is "buried at sea" you find out that one of your best friends helped sink your ship?

Gary Buckland My Home: Colorado Springs, CO March 1 2006 19:40
My Uncle .. Dale Buckland served on the Cony DD508 in 1943/44 "Fire Control".
He was aboard ship during a Pacific beach landing support operation when the Cony took severe battle damage and was returned to the States for repair.
I have read the declassified battle and damage report from this incident.
Dale is now gone. I want to leave this note in his memory.

Chuck Skotschir (Scotty) My Home: Lodi Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 57-61 Enlisted In: Cleveland Ohio February 14 2006 10:01
Great web site. Have seen a few names that where on the Cony when I was. I have lost touch with most of them. Bruce Glenndinning was the skipper when I was aboard. I remember the day with the Cobbler. Great site wish I had found it sooner.

Roland L. Scarberry TMC ret. My Home: Catlettsburg KY. Yrs-On-Cony: 64-65 Enlisted In: Huntington WV. 1963 February 12 2006 13:24
I reported for duty on the USS CONY the
day she returned from the north
Atlantic cruise, their was a fire in the dumpster on the pier and the USS Orion AS18 was tied up across from her.
I was assinged to 1st Div. If I remember Roger Hamlin,Peter Krul and Neff (can,t remember first name)reported about the same time. Hamlin landed up in supply (laundry)Neff became CS striker Krul remained in 1st Div. When Ed Small left I went to the Torpedo shop. I left the "CONY" in 65 when she was in dry dock at Portsmouth VA. to go to TM "A" school. After 21 years I retired, from the Navy. My last duty station was the USS ORION AS18,Sardinia Italy. I have a lot of fond memories from my time on the "CONY" such as the weekend in N.Y. N.Y. for open house when we fired an air slug from the MK23 tubes into a warehouse across from the pier, boy did it ever shutter and tremble.

Howard Duddy My Home: St. Louis, Mo Yrs-On-Cony: 45-46 Enlisted In: St. Louis, Mo. January 31 2006 16:30
My father passed away on 8-8-'05 at the age of 88yrs. Probably had the shortest tour on the USS CONY..late '45 until docking in New York in early '46. Took emergency leave to attend father-in-law's funeral. Borrowed (and paid back) $100 from one of his shipmates to get back to Illinois for the funeral. The Navy said "don't call us, we'll call you". Never did other than to give him his honorable discharge. (That made Mom and older brothers real happy! :) Phil

Jim Worth My Home: Bare Foot Bay, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 42-44 January 24 2006 04:47
This is a poem that I wrote while on the Cony


The "CONY" sailed on an evening tide, her flag proudly flew on high
California bound‑that was the word, But the "Cony passed it by.
Through the "Canal"she sailed‑South‑then East‑then North,
Aboard life was tame‑activities unchanged, Why? No Japs Came forth.

The Crew asked with questioning voice‑"The War‑We in It‑or not?
When in the sky, "Radar" did spy,‑ a big blip,‑a "Menacing Blot".
JAP "ZERO’S dove, guns aflame, Straight for the"CONY they came‑
But the Crew wide awake‑the "CONY’s Guns took good aim!

The roar of Batteries belching Flames and Death‑Japs‑1by1 hit the Sea,
When the smoke lifted spotters declared "You got them All‑but 3".
The Gun crews, this did note‑quickly training‑pointing "Ole Nell
A Big burst of fire the last 3 expired‑with a 1 way ticket to Hell!

A"Witness" by luck "This Action did see, Made this report on the run‑
The CONY, to the So. Pacific to fight, had at last come‑
To settle a score and, TO HELP SET ‑"THE RISING SUN" !

Arnold J. Richmond Sr. My Home: Jacksonville,Fl Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: Utica,NY December 23 2005 13:13
hey you people left me out of your crew on board the cony i was sk1 on board from 11 jan 63 to 3 mar 66

Byron Crain My Home: Germantown, TN Yrs-On-Cony: 57-59 Enlisted In: Little Rock, AR December 19 2005 06:53
I was a Sonarman 3rd on the Cony from the time in dry dock in 1957 untill the end of 1959. Thanks to Ken Cox for letting me know about this web site.
Look forward to attending the reunion in 2006.

Roger Rieman My Home: Ocala, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 Enlisted In: Niles, MI December 16 2005 00:49
I found an article about one of our own Cony shipmates Durwood Hunter White SM2 1956-1959 that was in his hometown newspaper on 12/16/05. Your shipmates are proud of you Durwood. I put the article in the Chronology. You can find it by scrolling down to 1956.

Mike Moore My Home: Collierville, TN Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64? Enlisted In: Memphis, TN December 13 2005 00:20
My dad, Charles Moore, was on the Cony during the Cuban Crisis. He was a seaman in the 1st Division. I believe he worked the paint locker with the BM's. I was also in the Navy (USS Mississippi/NAS Memphis)from 89-95. Thanks to all who served! Email me if you have any stories about him. This is a great site!

Richard Koehler My Home: New York,New York Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: Brooklyn, New York December 1 2005 08:36
I agree with Bob Hancock. That mid shipman cruise through the North Atlantic is as rough as I had seen up till then or after. As you recall there was no inboard passageway fore and aft. You needed to travel on the 01 level. During a midwatch relief I was 1/2 way between the after deck house and the hatch door leading to CIC when the ship rolled so much that I actually hung from the cable on the 01 level with my feet in mid air above the ocean. I never ran faster in my life as when the ship rolled back and my feet hit the deck!

Richard, I had a very similar experience on that same cruise in the North Atlantic. Crossing the 01 level slid on the ice under the torpedo tubes and when we rolled the other way, grabbed the chicken line on my slide back across. Roger Rieman

Bob Hancock My Home: San Diego/CA Yrs-On-Cony: 1964 Enlisted In: Austin/TX November 17 2005 16:21
I was in Cony for LANTMIDTRARON-64 as a Midn 3/c. I must have been on a different crossing to Europe than the person that wrote the account "uneventful crossing." I was the starboard lookout when we were taking green water over the bridge wings, and we were looking up at crests. This was my first time at sea! I distinctly remember the Capt. wondering outloud to the OOD if 'one breaks over the stack will it put out the boiler?" We were taking 30-40 degree rolls when the Essex decided to make one of those cute screen reformations that are in ATP-1A. I distinctly rember us passing within 500 yds (maybe closer) to the Essex starbord side going the opposite direction. It was quite an introduction to seamanship to me. I later served in USS Boyd (DD-544) from 1967-69 as Electronics/Comm Officer and Special Sea Detail OOD. I went through two Pacific Typhoons, but none quite as nasty seas as the North Atlantic in '64.

Harold Viger My Home: Scottsdale, AZ Yrs-On-Cony: 67-68 Enlisted In: New York, New York October 28 2005 11:19
Just found the site. Was busy trying to get some info for my Great Grandaughter, who asked me to be part of her school Veteran's Day celebration. Glad to see some of the comments from some of my old shipmates. I served as Weapon's Yeoman after returning from Vietnam cruise until I got out in November '68.
Thanks for the info and a great site.

Robert E Smith RD2 My Home: Sharon Tenn Yrs-On-Cony: 56 -60 Enlisted In: Centralia Illinois October 27 2005 06:29
Great web Site Roger i have been checking this out off and on for years and it only gets bigger and better, i for one know it takes lots of time and work to keep it up and running and updated it all the time ......... as i look thru the Guestbook i see so many ones i knew when i was aboard and love to read about some of the item of other i never knew but feel as they are just as much of my life as the ones i seved with............... Keep up the great work


Roger F. Mehl My Home: Lincoln Park, Michigan Yrs-On-Cony: 1961-1965 Enlisted In: Detroit, Michigan October 27 2005 04:36
Retired Railroad Cop enjoy golfing, going up north and retirement. Discharged as a MM2. Worked forward engineroom in charge of evaporaters.

Oliver Davis My Home: Arlington, TX 76017 Yrs-On-Cony: March 1964 - May 1967 Enlisted In: Fort Worth, TX October 25 2005 13:25
I left the Cony as a Radioman 2nd Class. It's been fun meeting up with "old" shipmates and especially the ones from the years before mine.

David Barker My Home: Portsmouth OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59- to 11/25/61 Enlisted In: Charleston WV October 19 2005 07:29
Some have asked about Turks head or monkey fist: They were a woven cord ornamental object that was used to secure the half hitches that frapped the hand rails. The monkey fist or turks heads could be made with a weight in them which were on the heaving lines. I used to put them on everything I was remotely in charge of or assigned to when I was on the Cony. I went from Deck Ape to Boatswains Mate in less than 2 years.

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 59- 11/25/61 Enlisted In: Charleston WV October 16 2005 23:37
Since I was assigned to care for both whale boats most of 1961 while I worked for BM2 Glenn Ramsburg I may be able to identify it. I would need a large close up photo of the fore, aft, gunnels, steering (rudder), and engine compartments, If any of the turks heads are still on it a close up of those as well. I did a lot of ornament decoration on the boat.
Dave Barker, AMVETS Service Office
17273 State Route 104
Chillicothe OH 45601

Kerry Smith My Home: broadway,va Yrs-On-Cony: USSBarryDD933 - 67-69 Enlisted In: bklyn navy yard October 14 2005 10:42
I purchased a motor whale boat thru military surplus and documents show she was assigned to the Cony. Boat has been repowered, and a small cabin added aft Iwas tickled pink to read that one of the Cony's whale boats was involved with the infamous Bay of Pigs. Can you acertain if my boat was the one to come under fire? I'll be in touch. Thanx

Tom Martell My Home: California Yrs-On-Cony: 10/44 - 6/45 Enlisted In: NA September 15 2005 08:16
My name is Tom Martell. I have no connection with the CONY outside of owning a handwritten journal from one of your shipmates. It details the daily activities between OCT.1944 thru June 1945. The journal belonged to Lawton A. Brachney. The journal includes names and address for the following:Michael J. DeLuca, Walter Typinski, Eric H. Smith, Denny Brooks Engstrom, Robert W. Washauser, George W. Tesson, A.M. Cantelo, Elbert Plummer, Henry A. Todd, and Herbert Goodrich Haynes. I'm only able to locate Michael DeLuca on your site. If anyone has an interest in this journal, please email me at : thomasmartell@yahoo.com

David Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 59- 11/25/61 Enlisted In: Charleston WVa July 23 2005 01:00
I remember Bob in the radio shack. Good to see you posting on this site. This is still my favorite place on the net!
My Webmistress Maria has added my newest article Radar/Microwaves to my website: http://www.geocities.com/dave_barker_amvet/index.html
This article explains the radar damage to one of my clients. Also our appeal process through the VA system.

Donald Wellington My Home: Saratoga springs N.Y. Yrs-On-Cony: 1949 1953 Enlisted In: corning N.Y. June 21 2005 09:16
Was in the torpedo div. with Bell,Garvy.and pritchard

Betty Ericson My Home: Booneville,MS Yrs-On-Cony: 61-64? June 9 2005 20:56
My Dad Denis J. Cole served on the USS Cony. If there is anyone who knew him, has a few stories to share,it would be greatly appreciated. My Dad died 13 years ago at the ripe ol age of 49. He is missed everyday. He was always proud of his service in the Navy. At times he would talk to me about his service, at other times I overheard him speak to others about it. Some of the topics covered I'm sure he did not intend for his daughter to overhear, due to the "sensitive nature" of the topic. But all in all these are memories I treasure and will pass onto his grandchildren.....well most of them.
Thank you Roger and Ken for your kindness and making me feel welcome.

Bob Kalbaugh My Home: New Orleans, LA Yrs-On-Cony: 61-62 Enlisted In: Cumberland, MD May 15 2005 03:07
On board Nov 60 Sep 62/RD3. Remember Sipperly RD1/Bay of Pigs/treasured memories.

Dan Martin My Home: Charleston,SC Yrs-On-Cony: 65-66 Enlisted In: Moline, IL May 2 2005 05:12
was ETN3 electronics tech, left as ETN2 after med cruise from Norfolk to southern tip of Madagascar & back in 1966.

Ed Defrain My Home: Fort Gratiot Mi.48059 Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 Enlisted In: Port Huron Mi. April 26 2005 04:28
Anyone remember riding in or borrowing that red vw bug?Got to be a few stories there. Thanks for the great site, Roger.Wish I hadn't missed last reunion. Would have loved to see Captain Thiele.Had some memerable moments on the bridge and in the gig.

Michael Wright; STG2 My Home: Tampa, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 65'-'68 Enlisted In: Jacksonville, FL April 26 2005 03:29
A happy song for John. Are you still w/comcast? Can't seem to reach you there. E-me

John Hanafin My Home: Wakefield, MA Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 Enlisted In: Boston, MA April 25 2005 17:13
I'm coming out for the reunion.

Paul Vizzini My Home: Phoenix, AZ April 14 2005 17:34
My dad was on the USS Cony and he passed away over 20 years ago. His name was Carl V. Vizzini and he was a bosun's mate. My dad had a print of the Lloyd painting of the bombing of the USS Cony in the Treasury Islands. I have it displayed in my study! Dad went on to work for the US Navy Department until his retirement in 1974 from the Research and Development Center in Potomac, MD. He was Navy through and through! I wonder if any of his ship mates are still alive? Dad would have been in his early 80's had he lived. Regards, Paul Vizzini

David Barker My Home: Portsmouth OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 Enlisted In: Charleston WV April 8 2005 18:17
Roger this is my favorite site!

Ralph W Hoyer My Home: charleston west virginia Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 April 8 2005 03:38
Joined ship in Red Sea,MPA @ NAVIGATOR for Gitmo @WESTPAC. Great ship and crew with unusual Battle Flag.

Dan Brown My Home: Zanesville, Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 1960 - 1962 Enlisted In: Summersville, W.Va. March 20 2005 15:20
Don't hear very much about Captain Dunham. He was a good captain, he was good to his men. Took me 43 years to get my medals, but Dave Barker helped get them for me.

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Towson, Maryland Yrs-On-Cony: '60-'62 Enlisted In: Baltimore February 27 2005 04:43
I just found out about a show called 'War Stories with Oliver North' is to be aired at 8:00 PM EST, 27 Feb. on the Fox News Channel, satellite or cable. The show is to be on destroyers and sailors from the Second World War.
AND I agree with Dave Barker. There are far too many, today, that do not know of the BOP and its significance. We were placed in a very bad situation. We were the invaders, spies and saboteurs, absent the Geneva Convention.

Ed Small My Home: Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 1963-1965 Enlisted In: Rock Hill, SC February 10 2005 11:10
Looking for Carlos Brawley.

Warren H. Womack, RD3 My Home: Greenwell Springs, La. Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 Enlisted In: New Orleans, La. February 8 2005 04:36
I just discovered this site. It brings back a flood of memories. Roger has done a geat job in putting all of this together. It takes a lot of time and effort.

We were in the same division (OI) during the same period of time. Good memories of some good and hard times.

Nice to read and recognize names in the guestbook, as well as the roster.

I'm really dissapoited to learn that I missed the 04 reunion that was held in Baton Rouge. The trip for me, would have taken about 15 minutes.

James V. Worth Jr. 207-15-77 U.S.N. My Home: Barefoot Bay Fl. Yrs-On-Cony: fitting out 42-to 44 at Mare Island Enlisted In: New Haven, Ct. February 6 2005 01:03
This is one of the most enlightning sites on the Web! Thanks Roger. I was one of the 1st assicned to the Cony and A PLANK OWNER I reported to Bath Me. AUG.1944 for Fitting Out
when I arrived I was A crew of ONE !
later joined by Jim Bladen(now Deceased)
and a few others. We took the Ship to Boston,Mass. with the "Yard Birds" as the crew- Ship Was Commisoned, and Sailed Christmas Day 1942 for the Pacific. I was MM2/c then(After E.R.) Made 1st was acting Oil King after we were hit on NAVY DAY Oct.27 1943- I left in 44 .
I have fond memories of the Ship and of those who sailed with me-Many of whom have Gone to Heaven. I attend most of the Reunions and altho will not attend 2005 unless the creek rises will attend many more. You young Crews have the duty now Keep the Reunions Going. GOD BLESS ALL HANDS!

Dale A. White My Home: Bowie, Maryland Yrs-On-Cony: 65-66 Enlisted In: Mansfield, Ohio February 3 2005 15:19
Got there on a cold December night, 7 ships out on D & S piers. Seems like we never stopped for the entier 8+ months of my Pre School Indoctrination on the front deck force.

ROBERT YERKES RD3 My Home: titusville fl Yrs-On-Cony: conway 54-56 RD3 Enlisted In: schenectady ny January 29 2005 14:33
Does anyone remember back in 1955 when down in GTMO on entering port a sailor was highlined from the Conway to the Cony to evaluate it on entering port?
This sailor was myself and on our page there is this picture and am trying fo find out if indeed it is me in this chair!
Thanks for any help.
Bob Yerkes USPS retired

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth Ohio Yrs-On-Cony: 11/25/59 to 11/25/61 Enlisted In: Charlston WV January 29 2005 03:44
Of all the Ship web sites this must be the best. It is bringing many of us together again, at least electronically.
For those who served aboard the Cony during the Cuban era, I do have a question. Do you feel we should have regcognition by the US government, besides an Expedition Medal? We are the one group (era) of living veterans singled out, to be denied wartime service by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Elena Prokos My Home: Stafford, VA Yrs-On-Cony: '42-'45 Enlisted In: Washington, DC January 29 2005 01:26
My dad, George Prokos, a plank owner on the Cony, has very sadly passed away. I am so thankful and appreciative to have been able to connect my Dad these last three years, with those of you who have served on the Cony. Going to the three reunions was a highlight of his later years, as he was very proud of his service in the Navy. I won't be able to attend this year's (2005)reunion, but hope to be back to honor my dad in future gatherings. Sincerely, Elena Prokos

Richard Metzler My Home: San Francisco, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 64-67 Enlisted In: Newport, RI January 22 2005 15:23
Best time of my life. Was EMO, CIC Officer. Fortunate to be there for GTMO, Med, WestPac incl. Vietnam. Great ship and great crew. Remember our Communism Flag we would unfurl after at-sea replenishment?

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, Nevada Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, Maryland January 14 2005 14:48
The Ship's Store. I just saw the note on the Cony hats. There is another website that is selling Cony articles. I questioned some of their products (iron on emblems are no substitute for silk screening). Anyway, Ken's Cony hats are of excellent quality (initiate a lot of sea tales) and the little cooler will serve my purpose very well (as a kit bag on my motorcycle). I have lost track of time, I need reminding, so I need Charlie's address again. I don't remember when I sent the last donation in. A tidbit of information: we got our first snow in 9 years. I was shocked, 4 inches. Time marches on.

DAVID W. RODGERS My Home: JACKSONVILLE, N.C. Yrs-On-Cony: 1959 Enlisted In: TARENTUM, PA. December 4 2004 23:01

Harry Puch btfn/bt3/bt2 My Home: hawthorne,nj Yrs-On-Cony: early 67-69 til end Enlisted In: paterson nj November 29 2004 13:28
I just found web site. Really glad to see it. Looked years ago and never found anything. Remember the flag in viet nam and the 25 year birthday cake on the fantail.

MIKE BERND YNSN My Home: Hammondsport, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 15JUL63-15JUL65 Enlisted In: Elmira, NY November 26 2004 19:58
Just found your web site and was really impressed. I spent a couple of years in ship's office and weapons yeoman and remember some of you guys. Always wondered what happened to Cony.

Mike Wright My Home: Tampa, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 1964-68 Enlisted In: Tampa, FL November 24 2004 12:50
To Harry the Bop:

Pariah is coming!

Salvo Zilch

P.S. 'e' Roger for my email address

Ed Schessler STG 2 My Home: Nampa, Idaho Yrs-On-Cony: 64-68 Enlisted In: Washington, D.C. November 22 2004 17:51
Hello fellow swabs! Love the flood of neat memories I'm enjoying from serving with so many mates. Glad to read Mike Wright's messages. Mike was a blast to be with...had a million laughs. Mike was a genius. After he got out of the Navy, he sent to me his leggings from his stint in bootcamp...how thoughtful! Tom Grimley now resides in California. Beetle Bailey died about 8 years ago-talked with his brother in Del Rio. Tried finding Roy Gire but had no luck. There are 72 Thomas Perry's in Chicago. Wonder if Byron Lowder ever married that pretty blue-eyed heifer? Looking forward to reading more of your messages. Ed

Mike Wright My Home: Tampa, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 64-68 Enlisted In: Tampa, FL November 13 2004 04:20
My Gosh!..I've got to get back to this site more often!! The memories it brings.

Just on this page alone - Kress, Standish, Koehler, Dooling and esp. Byron K Lowder. Ken, I've often thought about you and fellow Texan Ken Baily, wondering how ya'll were doing. I often tell people about I was talked out of getting a tattoo by a Navy friend (you) who HAD a tattoo. How many folks out there knew you were "the Phantom Sh*tt*r"?

John Hanafin, Ed Defrain, Jim Beltz! - you all emailed me after my last entry and since then my computer crashed & burned losing EVERYTHING. Could you please "e" me at the old address (which is good 'til Dec), and I'll respond from the new one.

Mike Wright

Rachel Howard-Collins My Home: Sherwood, Arkansas Yrs-On-Cony: N/A Enlisted In: N/A November 4 2004 10:48
I am a granddaughter of Albert E. Priddy, who served on the U.S.S. Cony during World War II. If any of his shipmates read this, I am sure he'd love to hear from you! You can e-mail him at my e-mail address, rachelhoward@hotmail.com

Thank you to all who served from a very grateful American.

Howard Duddy My Home: St. Louis, Mo Yrs-On-Cony: 45-47 ?? Enlisted In: St. Louis October 29 2004 18:55
I'm writing for my father who served on the Cony at the tail end of the war. He's 87 and may not be around much longer. As a child I heard about visits to Chinese ports, rifle practice after mine sweeping, and many other (but I'm sure not all) of his experiences while assigned to the Cony. I will try to get some specifics from my mom as to his tour on the Cony, buddies names, etc., and pass them along. Phil Dudley

Joseph L. Pires USS BENNINGTON HISTORIAN My Home: Cape Cod, Massachusetts Yrs-On-Cony: N/A Enlisted In: N/A October 22 2004 15:49
Just wanted to let someone know that I was in contact today with a gentleman who was aboard the DD-508 during the Korean War. He resides on Cape Cod and I'll inform him about the reunion, the website, the ship's store, etc. As the "historian" for the USS BENNINGTON CV/CVA/CVS-20 Association, I'd like to say, "BRAVO ZULU" on a fine website. If you would like to come aboard an aircraft carrier for a few minutes, well then, why not click on:

ally yours,
Joseph L. Pires
Vietnam Veteran (1966-1968)
"former" crewmember of CVS-20
Supply Department (S-1 Division)

greg dooling My Home: elmira ny Yrs-On-Cony: 62 65 Enlisted In: ny ny October 16 2004 19:30
To Richard Koehler,I remember those places well.Did you have to wear a raincoat in Portual?And Montego Bay was bars made between houses.Lots of women.I was washed into the supply office from the o1 level by a odd wave.Remember chipping all that ice off?The pictures must be around somewhere.Keep smiling Greg SH3

Phil Vendramin My Home: Mesa, AZ Yrs-On-Cony: 1960-1962 Enlisted In: Gary , Indiana October 16 2004 17:33
Hey Shipmates, It's good to see all these former Conyites. I was a firemen in the aft fireroom during my years on the Cony Boat. I remember well the BOP and all the time spent at GQ. also remember the time we were on station for the mercury shots and after being released went to Burmuda. Refueled during some bad weather before arriving there and the CONY got a bath in crude oil. Took a few days to clean her up after getting some fuel oil sent over from the RANDOLPH ( Any one remember that ??)Hope to se some of my former shipmatesat the next reunion ( MY FIRST )

richard j koehler My Home: new york, new york Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: brooklyn, newyork October 14 2004 10:50
like to hear from old shipmates who were aboard with me especially those who remember Montigo bay....Portugal..Albourg Denmark and walking the 01 level at night in north atlantic storms and of course Gitmo....endless 5 knot cruise !

Samuel T. Weening My Home: Staten Island, NY Yrs-On-Cony: '45-'46 Enlisted In: NYC, NY October 10 2004 08:53
The reunions have been great. Try to make the one in July. You will not regret it!

Richard (Dick) Peters My Home: Three Oaks, Mi Yrs-On-Cony: 61-63 Enlisted In: Michigan City, In October 9 2004 11:15
Nice site
Went thru Cuban crisis...met some nice friends.......hope to see some of them at the reunion....and meet some new ones

john jones My Home: denton, md Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 Enlisted In: raleigh, nc September 10 2004 11:28
bob becker
was on cony 62-64 as rm striker
john jones

Bob Becker My Home: Sycamore, ILL Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: LaGrange, ILL September 4 2004 15:37
Just found this site and its great. Anyone from the radio shack

Earl Wilson My Home: Apple Valley Minnesota Yrs-On-Cony: 68-69 Enlisted In: Duluth, Minnesota August 25 2004 08:46
I was Senior Watch officer (LT) and Weapons Officer when the Cony was decommissioned. Great job on web site!

DON HUEBER My Home: MT LAUREL, NJ Yrs-On-Cony: 50-53 Enlisted In: PHILADELPHIA August 17 2004 20:54

Leo M. Kress Jr. My Home: Ellicott City, Maryland Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 Enlisted In: Baltimore, Maryland August 16 2004 06:52
Great website! Many fond memories of the Cony and now many more through the Cony reunions!

Thomas Cadenhead My Home: Jacksonville, Florida Yrs-On-Cony: ----------- Enlisted In: Florida July 25 2004 08:03
I was on the Eaton (DD=510) 66-67 and sailed alongside our sister ship, the Cony. I've enjoyed your site and hope you will visit ours.


My most vivid memory of the Cony was a storm in '66, as we returned from the Caribbean.

Reports were that the Cony had burst a bulkhead in the vicinity of her mess deck and was taking on water. She pulled into our wake, which made the seas smoother, and followed us North to the vicinity of Jacksonville, Florida where she left and went west to Mayport for repairs. I never heard anymore about it and sure would like to hear the "real" story if one of you remembers.

Byron Kendall Lowder FTG3 My Home: Hawley, Texas Yrs-On-Cony: 65-66 Enlisted In: Dalhart, Texas July 24 2004 12:29
Howdy to all my old shipmates- Fox gang especially. Anybody remember Majunga Madagascar?

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, Nevada Yrs-On-Cony: '60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, Maryland July 7 2004 16:24
Just after we left the shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia, the Cony went to the North Atlantic to search for survivors of a ship breaking up. That was Dec. 1960 or Jan. 1961. I don't remember what other ships went with us. The Conway probably. We could not see anything, could not locate survivors and a man was washed off the 01 deck (Conway?)but we were not able to locate him after three days. Then we ran into the pier in Kittery, Maine, that destroyed the starboard screw. Yes, standing on the bulkheads. I could not believe that ship would roll over so far and not sink. AND that was my first time at sea. Even the Skipper got seasick. One time, later, the Cony rolled to 65 degrees and the starboard deck was under water. The First Class EM and I were heading from the Gyro room to the main deck to go over the side. The Skipper took over and brought the Cony back. Whew! And finally, Dave Barker has assisted many, greatly. And yes our government still denies our presence at BOP. And yes there are those that have medals issued for the BOP that never left the States. Frustrating, but predictable.

Jim Standish My Home: Birmingham, Alabama 35223 Yrs-On-Cony: 63-65 Enlisted In: Chattanooga, Tennesse July 7 2004 04:23
Great job on update. I just saw a msg. you were asking if anyone else remembered Northen Atlantic bad weather or Bull fights in Canary Islands. I remember both quite well. I have movies of the bull fights, that my wife, a animal lover won't watch and I can remember walking the bulkheads on some of our northern atlantic trips. Hope to meet up with you at a reunion one of these years if I ever retire or get some spare time. Anyway, thanks for all you hard work in bringing back old and great memories to some old swabbies.
Jim (RM2)

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 Enlisted In: Charleston WVA June 27 2004 03:47
Once again the Bay of Pigs was partially covered on TV (6/27/04) and once again it left out any of the coverage of the USS Cony and sister ships. FOX News Ollie North forgot us, just like the rest of the politicians forgot us.
It somewhat makes me a little angry, that we were scorned as a debacle or fiasco. Many others have claimed to have been there, who were not, they just lied and said they were.
So each passing year, that futile hope still exists that finally the truth will come out in public. Each year it doesn't.
But we know, don't we?

Warent Gilliems My Home: Stamford, CT June 21 2004 02:34
Hope to hear from all who made the Vietnam tour.

Robert (Bob) Miller My Home: Newtown, CT Yrs-On-Cony: Spring of 61 Enlisted In: Bridgeport, CT June 21 2004 02:32
Came on board Cony just returned from BOP. Worked under supply officer Bogats. GQ station loader 3"/50. Bermuda many times, capsule pickup, Cuba, out with Enterprise, shake down cruise, Armed Forces Day, NYC. Went to USS Galveston GLG3, SK3, Panama Canal to San Diego.

A. W. (Bill) Pattee Capt USN (ret) My Home: Fairfax, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 Enlisted In: Salem, MA June 18 2004 02:13
I think John Drake's 57-59 is incorrect as he was XO, Frank Dunham was CO and I was OPS (during the same time).

Note from webmaster.
I do not have an email address for John. I hate to bother people via phone, if I don't have to. If someone has his email address, please send it to me so I can get the correct info.

John J. Turlak Jr. My Home: Del-City, OK Yrs-On-Cony: 61-64 Enlisted In: Decatur, IL June 13 2004 02:08

Arnie Anderson (Andy) RM2 My Home: Westby, WI Yrs-On-Cony: 56-59 Enlisted In: Minneapolis, WI June 4 2004 02:05
Hi to everyone, you don't know how much my wife and I missed going to the last reunion. We were really counting on going but with moving to a new address it was just to much to get done. I missed you all and we hope to be at the next one. I still would like to get some of what went on, pictures and the album. I have mislaid the address Ken Cox sent me to get one. I will spend some time now going over the web site, thanks, Arnie Anderson RM2 Uss Cony Member.

Dennis Cole My Home: Norfolk, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 60-64 Enlisted In: Milwaukee, WI April 29 2004 02:03
I am looking for some of my Uncle Dennis Cole's old shipmates. I was told he was in the Navy from 60-64 as an EM and served aboard the Cony. It is because of him that I started my Navy service almost 20 years ago. He has passed on but I will always remember the days we had together. Any one with information I would love to hear from, thanks.
AEC Jeff Brookins

Allen Larson My Home: East Troy, WI Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 April 27 2004 01:53
Just returned from Baton Rouge. I have to thank all involved in putting on the reunion. It surpassed all my expectations. We had a wonderful time and I urge anyone who was aboard Cony to go to the next one. Great time good food and fantastic seeing old and new friends.

Phil Michel -SM3 My Home: Virginia Beach, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 Enlisted In: Newark, NJ April 26 2004 01:40
Great job, Rog. Have visited the site a few times, however never responded before. Remember some of the guys from the Torpedo gang, Pridemore, Small, & Marine. Slept over the torpedos before transfering to the bridge. Also remember standing next to Jessie SM1 when we brought up the Red Sub during the missle crises. Many other memories to many to list. One day I would like to come to a reunion.

Patrick G.Click My Home: Florissant, MO Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 Enlisted In: St. Louis, MO April 11 2004 01:38
Oh how I remember the Cuban blockade and all the other adventures. Spent time in Aux. Division, GQ station repair party amidships engineering.
What a great web site. Would like to hear from former shipmates. It's 0130 and I just found this site. Must hit the rack. I will be back to see who I can find. I was the refrigeration/AC guy in the Navy and now have owned Click Heating Cooling & Sheetmetal for 29 years.

Ken Plummer My Home: Depoe Bay, OR Yrs-On-Cony: 64-65 Enlisted In: St. Joseph, MO April 6 2004 01:33
Was only on the Cony from Aug 64 thru Feb 65. but I am looking forward to the 2004 reunion.

Note from Webmaster!
At the last reunion in Baton Rouge, LA, Ken generously volunteered to host the next reunion in Oregon. Please try real hard to be able to attend the reunion if you possibly can. I will post any information about the reunion on the Cony site as Ken makes it available to me.

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 Enlisted In: Charleston, WV March 27 2004 01:26
This still remains my favorite electronic place to visit. The memories of the Bay Of Pigs invasion are still vivid to this very day.

Note from webmaster!
Dave has been very generous in helping out Cony shipmates with their Vetrans issues. He has been working in that capacity for many years and does a great job.

Harrison Neal Miller My Home: Phoenix, AZ Yrs-On-Cony: Abt 1944 Enlisted In: Phoenix, AZ March 23 2004 01:11
I am looking for anyone who might have known my father in law, Harrison Neal Miller. He served aboard the Cony during the latter part of the war (I believe it was around 1944) and I believe his rank was QM2. Although he died in 1975, our family is very proud of his service during the war and are trying to connect with anyone who might have served with him aboard the Cony. Thank you in advance for any information you might be able to provide.

James (Ash) Ashley My Home: Frankfort, IN Yrs-On-Cony: 43-45 Enlisted In: Indianapolis, IN March 16 2004 01:07
I have been looking for any of my old shipmates for quite some time now and am happy I found this site. I am still in Indiana and would really like to hear from any of you. I am not able to attend any of the reunions unless they get closer to home. Please get in touch with me if we served together. I have a very limited memory with names so don't be surprised if I don't remember you right away.

Francis X. McMonagle (Mac) My Home: Philadelphia, PA Yrs-On-Cony: 56-58 Enlisted In: Philadelphia, PA March 14 2004 00:57
I left the Cony in 1958 as MM2. I saw the Cony being towed down the Deleware River from the Philly Navy Yard. I worked in the after engine room. Am having trouble remembering names, so far back. It would be nice to get together again.

Larry Osborn My Home: St. Joseph, MO Yrs-On-Cony: 64-67 Enlisted In: St. Joseph, MO March 7 2004 00:54
I worked in main control and B-4. I also was on the evaporater gang for over a year .
One of the biggest regrets of my life is not going on the last cruise of the CONY, at the time I would have had to extend my enlistment for a year, I sure would like to have a do-over on that decision.

Richard Ingoglio DCFN My Home: New York, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 66-67 Enlisted In: Brooklyn, NY February 27 2004 00:52
I'd do it all again, great times, great people, Great Navy.

Thomas Strack RM3 My Home: Lake Placid, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 Enlisted In: Lake Clear, NY February 20 2004 00:50
This is a great site. I remember a lot of my shipmates. Have not been to any of the reunions yet but plan on going to one in the future. Would have loved to have gone to the one that our old C.O. William St. Lawrence had just put together last year. Keep up the excellent work. Tom

Grank F. Getz, Jr. My Home: Hagerstown, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 66-69 Enlisted In: Stroudsburg, PA February 17 2004 00:43
I went onbard CONY as my first assignment in the Navy. I remained onboard thru Vietnam and when we returned, I was the decommissioning Yeoman. I delivered the final diary to the post office in Philadelphia. I was then transferred to an ocean going tug out of Little Creek, VA and we were assigned the responsibility of going to Philadelphia, towing CONY to the caribbean and seeing her sunk. I was on the deck of the tug spotting for the ships assigned to sink her. She did go down with great respect. I remained in the Navy for 24 years retiring in 1989 as a YNCS. The 3 years I spent onboard CONY were the highlight of my career. My wife and I have only been able to make 1 reunion but as our family responsibilities change we hope to make more.

Donald R. Miley My Home: Pine Prairie, LA Yrs-On-Cony: 60-61 Enlisted In: Opelousas, LA January 28 2004 00:41
I sure enjoyed seeing this website. I remember some of the guys I served with. I'll never forget the Bay Of Pigs.
Geez it was hot down there. I was a radioman and hid out in emergency radio shack. I slep most of the time. Anyone wanting to contact me please do. I would love hearing from you.

William Karas My Home: Hugo, MN Yrs-On-Cony: 51-52 January 26 2004 00:36
My dad saw the reunion in the American Legion magazine for this year. He was surprised to see the Cony listed. Since he has no internet access he asked if I would mind looking anything up about the Cony and that is how I happened upon this website.
My dad served from on board from 1951-1952. He was a hospital corpman and his nickname was "DOC." He was transferred to USS Cony from the USS Los Angeles CA-135 off Korea. He was on board until she was ordered home to Norfork Virginia. Although dad doesn't talk much about his days in the service, he does he have fond memories.
I have enjoyed your website, I will now have to push my dad to get internet access so that he may also enjoy this site. Unfortunately he will not be able to attend the reunion but I'm sure he would like to hear from anyone that he might have served with.

Vincent Eckert My Home: Woodbury, NJ Yrs-On-Cony: 55-59 Enlisted In: Philadelphia January 25 2004 00:32
Great to get back in contact with you guys again, and look forward to seeing you in Baton Rouge, LA reunion.

Steve F. Martin My Home: Sutter Creek, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 43-45 Enlisted In: Coeur d' Alene, ID January 23 2004 00:31
Came aboard the Cony as a Seaman lst and was discharged as a CQM. Served under 3 commanding officers; Johnson,Moore and Siegmund. Departed in Shanghai in October of 45. Have seen only one other crewman and that was about 35 years ago, G. W. Smith a First Lt. Good to make this contact after all these years.

Cosmo Affatica My Home: Deer Park, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 42-45 Enlisted In: Brooklyn, NY January 18 2004 00:28
My dad was on the ship in 1942-45.His name was Cosmo Affatica. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who remembers him.
Carolyn Affatica LaSorsa

Donald L. Shank My Home: Hagerstown, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 61-62 Enlisted In: Hagerstown, MD January 12 2004 00:25
Great site. Still rmember Bay of Pigs.

Ronald L. Hamm My Home: Newark, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 52-54 January 3 2004 00:24
I had a wonderful time on board the Cony.
I came aboard as a S/A and worked myself up to EM2C. I was discharged in 1960 and continued on in the Federal Government as Chief Electrician. I retired in 1976. I have a lot of stories to tell later on.

Dave Bauchiero My Home: Southington CT Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 Enlisted In: Pittsfield January 1 2004 00:12
My friend Richard Collins EM2 and myself MR3 still remember the times we had during our hitch. Nice job with the web site.

Robert H. Shafer My Home: Seymour, IN Yrs-On-Cony: 52-55 Enlisted In: Columbus, IN December 20 2003 00:11
I just happened to check about Navy ships and ran onto about the USS Cony information. Was excited to see all the information.
Thanks Roger you done a good job. Will see everyone in april.

Carl D. Griffith My Home: Swansboro, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 64-65 Enlisted In: Cumberland, MD December 14 2003 00:09
Sir ref the roster a little info input. Sweezey, Lewis was BTCM his last known address Sufolk, VA. There also was a Hankins MMC aboard. He was from LA.

Lowell E. Richards My Home: Dayton, OH Enlisted In: Dayton, OH December 10 2003 00:01
My grandmother said to please check and see if a shipmate of my grandfather by the last name of Todd from Ames, IA was still with us.

Gary L. Saladiner My Home: Springfield, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 1966 Enlisted In: Houston, TX December 4 2003 23:48
I Remember .... Comming aboard as a TMSA, and the torpedo stuck in the ship nested next to us that got me reassigned to the deck force, ('wasn't me man. I wasn't even there!) Was it Palma de M (Palma de Mallorca?) where the unauthorized tour of the sonar room by some cuties smoking Lark cigs. on the 32 day cruise to Turkey; sitting in the harbor at Istanbul w/o shore leave for 2 days while they rioted; watching Yemen residents squat and watch the ship all day long, having the Asmir come aboard for a "cruise and movie" (Cleopatra as I remember) in a Fury III with TV antena. (No TV stations could be found) "Cosmo" the Ship Yoman in the little hole of a ship's office on the main deck. The "fender bender" with a pier, AND a freak wave that put dents and creases in the breakwater bulkhead. I remember being in mount 51 the day we attacked the Marines on Callebra. I remember crawling on to the f'ocsal with a piece of 21 thread tied to my waist to batten down a "jack-ass-cover" while the "best" course was breaking green waves on the bridge. (So THAT'S what "snakeing" is for.) I remember how gung-Ho Willie (GM3) Williams and I were when we volunteered for shore duty Republic of Viet Nam. I remember Willie.

Richard Peters My Home: Three Oaks, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 61-63 Enlisted In: Michigan City, IN November 25 2003 23:45
What a great website. It is good to read the comments.
I served aboard the Cony from 61-63, spending all of my time in the deck force or the gun crew. Hope to hear from anyone who was aboard during that time.

Phil Proctor SOG3 My Home: Decatur, IL Yrs-On-Cony: 61-64 Enlisted In: Harrisburg, PA November 19 2003 23:33
I'm looking for MM Roger Mehl, who served
with me during my time on the Cony.

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, MD November 1 2003 23:32
Has anyone gotten an e-mail from "vetsrollcall.com"? Something looks a little 'fishy' about this one. Far too many testimonials. There are too many taking advantage of these computers.
I have gotten a lot of compliments on the Cony ship's cap. Every time I wear it someone approaches me and starts a conversation. Either they were, or a family member was on a 'tin can'. Good stories.

Hank Ronan My Home: Annandale, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 65-66 Enlisted In: Tucson, AZ October 23 2003 23:25
ET in the OI div 1965 - 66. Aboard for NNSY refit, GTMO cruise, Caribbean cruise, Med cruise and Red Sea cruise. Good to finally have incentive to scan the hundreds of photos taken during those cruises. Had a hand in creating cruise book from that period, still have a copy around somewhere.

Loran LaVern Truitt My Home: Mt. Union, IA Yrs-On-Cony: 1945 Enlisted In: Kirksville, MO October 7 2003 23:10
This is my dad who was on the U.S.S. CONY 508 DURING WORLD WAR 2. He passawy on Sept 23 2000 On his Birthday. He told me many stories of the time he was on the ship during World War 2, He allso left me a photo of the ship in Shanghai, China Nov 1945. If you were on the ship with my dad I would love to here from you. I live in Houma La. He was at my home the year you had your reunion her in Houma . He was just too bad of health to go that night.

John Hanafin My Home: Melrose, MA Yrs-On-Cony: 64-67 Enlisted In: Boston, MA September 28 2003 23:29
Moved and just set up the computer, came to this site first. I still have some great memories of my time on board the cony. The reunion looks like fun,I will look forward to coming next year......Roger, you’ve helped us to recall some nice memories, thanks!

Gary W. Furgerson My Home: Laurel, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 66-67 Enlisted In: Alburquerque, NM September 25 2003 23:04
Enjoyed my tour onboard the CONY MARU very much, looking for old shipmates from the Radioman or ET gang to see how you are doing. Send me an e-mail
Gary Furgerson(furgie) RM1/USN-RET...

Herman W. Stevens My Home: Nakina, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 65-68 Enlisted In: Nakina, NC September 24 2003 22:54
I would like to make contact with any gunners mate/shipmate who went ashore in Vietnam.
The Cony made three stops in Cam Ranh Bay in October-November 67. If you were one of these lucky few please contact me!!!! If you contact me I will be more specific on the dates.

Gerry Gall My Home: Carol Stream, IL Yrs-On-Cony: Mid April 69-for 2 weeks Enlisted In: Chicago, IL September 18 2003 22:49
So great to see this site! I was a Seaman Apprentice assigned to the USS Cony in mid-April 1969 as part of the Navy's accelerated Boot Camp/Cruise back to back training. My first wake-up on board the Exec announced that instead of the Caribbean cruise the ship was going to be decommissioned instead. The highlight was when we were practicing fire supression techniques and pumped foam into the harbor at Philly covering all the sides of the ships in port with filthy brown muck. The Cony got lots of visitors that day and we got more chipping and painting. Think I still have my Cony Zippo lighter and some postcards from the Ship's Store. Carried that lighter until the hinge finally broke in the 80s. As a CT, the Cony ended up being my only ship assignment while in the Navy and was darn proud of it.

Larry Betenbender My Home: Iowa City, IA Yrs-On-Cony: 66-69 Enlisted In: Cedar Rapids, IA September 4 2003 12:57
This site has refreshed long ago memories.

Dave Barker My Home: Portsmouth, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 Enlisted In: Charleston WV August 28 2003 12:53

I hope you all will check it out. I copied and pasted from Roger's Chronology the period I spent on the Cony plus the following year. It gives others an idea of what the Cony went through in protecting this country.
Thanks to Roger and ken!
Dave Barker

Dick Airhart, MM2 My Home: The Colony, TX Yrs-On-Cony: 49-52 Enlisted In: Dallas August 11 2003 12:50
I recognize a few name here such as Mahar, Knipple and McKay. Reading these annals is better than reading genealogy. I learned about Cony's sad end from my former pastor, Rev. Capt. Dr. Robert E. Blakley. Can't Thank of a better place for that #2 feed pump in the forward engine room.
Adding to Cony's long history, George Stephanopoulos stated last fall on the anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis that when the report of Conys dropping those "grenades" hit Khrushchev's desk the following morning, he immediately issued orders to remove the misles from Cuba. Thank God for the USS Cony.

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 Enlisted In: Baltimore, MD August 3 2003 12:46
Neat, the ship's store. I hope more will be coming. Just a question. Is there a possibility that the caps may be available in white? We live just on the edge of Death Valley and a black cap would be for winter time, only. Fried brains, fried eggs.
Every once and a while, I'll look at the cutaway model of the Cony, it is so good.

Robert Iseminger My Home: Philadelphia, PA Yrs-On-Cony: 67-69 Enlisted In: Philadelphia, PA July 19 2003 12:44

John Eldred (Drick) Simkins My Home: Spartanburg, SC now Baltimore, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 61-63 Enlisted In: Columbia, SC June 23 2003 12:43
What a great discovery for me tonight! Thanks so very much for putting all this info together. I plan to return when I feel a little more lucid, to learn some more and hopefully to add some thoughts on the great Cony crew with whom I served.

Russell W. Poe My Home: St Louis, MO Yrs-On-Cony: 42-45 June 3 2003 12:40
My wife (Chloe) and I really enjoyed the 2003 reunion. Being able to see shipmates from WWII and meet crew members from later times on the ship was great. Except for 2002, we had not missed a CONY reunion since our first one to attend, the eighth renion in 1984. The CONY people we have come to know through the years are old and cherished friends. We will continue to attend as long as we are able. It was a pleasure meeting you, Roger.
Your pictures and the work you have done with the website are outstanding. As they say in Navy parlance: "Bravo Zulu".
Russ Poe

Bill Knipple BT1 My Home: Sherman, CT Yrs-On-Cony: 49-56 June 3 2003 12:38
Roger, it appears that I'm a day late and a dollar short. Bob Modderman took the words right out of my mouth. Your doing a great job, keep it up. We're foreveer greatful.
Last but not least..Great reunion,
congrats to Ken and Ken

Bob Modderman BT2 My Home: Grand Rapids, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 51-54 May 30 2003 12:23
Great time in Charleston! (Reunion) Thank you Ken Cox & Kenny Jimison. Each reunion is special and this one certainly was entertaining, enjoyable & filled with memories of reuniting Cony men and their ladies, or family members. It is always good to see friends of past and meet new reunion attendees. Super job Roger on getting the pictures on the web site so promptly.
Bob & Rita


Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 May 30 2003 12:21
I just received my Cony 'cutaway' from Brian York. It certainly is a fine presentation. I was explaining to my wife the various areas and the differences between the Cony as a DD and the Cony as a DDE. I am not sure if she understands what all of this was about. The detail is amazing. We shall enjoy.
Yes, I remember Bermuda.
I will try to collect my memory on the first time I went to sea. About Jan. or Feb. 1961, right out of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. What a ride. I will most likely need some assistance on this, for details. Later.

Charles Miller My Home: Vidor, TX Yrs-On-Cony: 58-60 May 30 2003 12:19
My wife and I just returned from the Cony reunion. We had a great time, I saw some old friends and met some new friends. I am looking forward to next years reunion.

Allen Larson My Home: East Troy, WI Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 May 30 2003 12:16
It is so much better to see the Cony being buried at sea, than to think of her facing the scrappers torches. She will spend eternity where she spent her glory days in the sea where she belongs.

Melvin W. Junge My Home: Napoleon, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 44-46 May 29 2003 12:15
The 2003 Cony reunion was incredible as were your photographs. As always, a great job.
Miriam & Mel Junge

Rich Bergeron FTG1 My Home: Minneapolis, MN Yrs-On-Cony: 65-66 May 29 2003 12:11
Dennis Marine, are you around? I've come to love Minnesota as much as you ever did.
Frank Correia - EVERYBODY (FTs) slept behind the switchboard, cot or no.
Who was the GM1 we called Yogi?
I remember the snafu at Culebra or whichever island it was. (I was in Plot.) The story I got was that some boot ensign ashore "helped" by calculating spot coordinates before passing them to us. Our CIC was supposed to do that, so it got done twice. I later talked to a Marine who was there - we hit a couple guys and put them in the hospital - lucky nobody was killed.
Finally (for now) where is the rest of the Triumvirate? (those Med-Cruise buddies will know who they are!) Rich

Rich Pennington My Home: St Louis, MO Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 May 25 2003 12:09
A just read all of the other messages and it brought back a lot for me.
Bay of Pigs, walking forward on the 01 level at at sea, big seas. We always said we should get half Sub pay because we were under the water half of the time.
I remember getting kicked out of Bermuda two days early. Good site! Thanks!

Bill McDonald My Home: Sun City, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 54-56 May 1 2003 12:02
Just found the site. Brought back lots of memories. Say hello to Bill Knipple for me.

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 April 26 2003 12:01
How right you are! AND the newspapers say nothing about the Navy ships that were in the Bay of pigs. All they make reference to are the Cubans that made the invasion. How normal for our government and the news media. It is good to hear from you again, David.

Dave Barker My Home: Chillicothe, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 April 17 2003 11:59
I just wanted to remind those on the Cony that 42 years ago today, April 17th 1961 we steamed into history...The Bay of Pigs.

Mike Wright My Home: Tampa, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 64-68 April 15 2003 11:53
Wow! I just did a Google search on a whim, and found my old tin home, along with a few familiar names...Lt. Kelbaugh, not among the least.

Having flunked out of Guided Missile School in Dam Neck, VA in late 1964, I made my way aboard the Cony and was on the deck force for about a year. Boatswain Mates Dearing, Coleman & Hank Sanders readily come to mind as well as Jim Sears, 'The Greek' - John Tsamouras, Louis Contreras, Ed Defrain, Terry Isaacs, among others. Then I was off to Key West for Sonar school while the Cony was on a Med Cruise. I rejoined her there and was hi-lined across from a reefer ship and joined the Sonar Gang and PO Perry, Ed Schessler, and many more. A close friend, John Ferrara was electrocuted in the next room while taking voltage readings in Subic Bay, Phillipines.

I completed my hitch as an STG2 in April of 1964. Prior to that, one April 1st I filled out a chit to re-enlist, provided I got certain schools, listing several (what I thought were) impossibles. One day, a voice from the 1MC says "Petty Officer Wright, lay to the ships office!" I, Michael B. Wright,worked my way there passing by snipe Michael D. Wright as he emerged from below decks, and we arrived together, asking "which one of us do you want?" Big hands clamped down on my shoulders as the XO said "we want THIS one, we're going to see what schools we can get 'him." He left, and I pointed out the date on the chit to the Yeoman in the office. much to his dismay. Needless to say, there was never much love lost between the XO and me from that point on. (I forgot his name, he came off of a carrier, and decided he could run the Cony like a carrier.

ANYWAY! - love the sight and am bookmarking it! I gotta rush off, but as Arnold says - "I'll be back!" - for further exploration. Mike

Oliver Davis RM2 My Home: Arlington, TX Yrs-On-Cony: 64-65 April 10 2003 11:49
Well, Rog...talked to you by e-mail many times, but decided it was time to write a message. I remember my first year aboard when we rode out several hurricanes. It was quite a site seeing the other destroyers with us with their bow completely underwater and then the aft part of the ship completely out of water. I remember how we used to have to wait until the ship took a hard roll to port to be able to open the Radioroom door. Had many great times though...hope to see you and everyone at the reunion.

Frederick J. Stahle BT2 My Home: Lockport, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 65-69 April 5 2003 10:47

Thomas A. Clark My Home: Las Vegas, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 43-45 March 17 2003 11:45
I enjoyed reading all of the arcticles sent in. And seeing some of the old shipmates names, and some who are going to be at the reunion in May. I left the navy in 1945, and went back to sea with the Military sea lift command retiring as master of troop transports after the Korean war.

John A. Langdon My Home: Palm Coast, FL Yrs-On-Cony: Jan 63-Sept 63 Enlisted In: Nyack, NY February 19 2003 11:41
I was on the USS Little Rock ClG 4 (plank owner) from 1960 to Dec 1962.On Jan 1, 1963 I came aboard USS Cony as 2nd class shipfitter and was discharged from the Cony in September. Had good times and some heavy seas, can not forget walking the 01 level. Also the screws coming out of the water in rough water. They would really scream in the shipfitter shop in the aft compartment.

Katy Rutherford/ Barker My Home: Charleston, WV February 11 2003 11:39
Your site is great! My father, Dave Barker, was on that ship during the Bay of Pigs. He's a good man! Hi Dad!

Gary Rudolph My Home: Petersburg, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 65-66 February 10 2003 11:38
Changing e-mail addresses again. Msg. for Danny Mac--sorry I lost contact, had a major pc failure and lost all addresses. COME BACK DANN-O!

Richard J. Koehler My Home: New York, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 February 5 2003 11:36

Mike Morrow Spc-4 My Home: Pendleton, IN February 1 2003 11:34
Very nice site ! Cony had a very long history of war time and peace time service. You must be very proud of her. My friend Dave B served on her and I know he is proud.

Bob Mitich My Home: Donnelly, ID Yrs-On-Cony: 61-64 January 25 2003 11:33
New email address

Jerry Lardner My Home: Washingtonville, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 January 19 2003 11:26
Great site Roger, please keep up the good work. Served as MM3 during Vietnam cruise. Jim Vaughn was my first class officer in the aft engine room. He recommended me for duty in main control. It was appreciated, and I will never forget him and all my M Division shipmates. MM1 Vaughn was the only shipmate from M Division that I recognized from your site. His email address was incomplete. Hope to hear from any Cony crew visiting this site.

Patrick E. Peterson My Home: Lincoln, Nebraska Yrs-On-Cony: 53-54 January 18 2003 11:24
My brother-inlaw, Gayle (Whitey)Petersen and I served on the CONY from 1953-1954 and later married sisters from Nebraska.

Ken Cox My Home: Lakeland, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 57-59 January 17 2003 11:21
I read Dave Barker's comments on the website's Home page concerning "losing it" when he was reading about the Cony's sinking to a co-worker. I, too, felt deep sadness and experienced misty eyes and a lumpy throat as I read the article from the "Gator". At first I thought, "Man, they sunk my ship!" But as I pondered the situation, it dawned on me that the Cony should be considered "buried at sea" rather than "sunk for target practice". You see, by serving as a target, she helped hone the gunnery skills of US Navy Gunners Mates and, in doing so, she served her country right up until the moment she slipped beneath the waves. Now, when I re-read that article, as I do from time to time, my eyes may still get misty, I may still get a lump in my throat, but my heart is filled with pride.

Walt Heinecke My Home: Coronado, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 67-69 January 12 2003 11:19
I served as Chief Engineer from 1967-1969. I retired from the Navy in 1992 as Captain and now I am a professor at the University of San Diego.

James A. Oker My Home: Chicago, IL Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 December 30 2002 11:18
Note new e-mail address. Am planning to attend upcoming re-union.

Mark Evdemon RM2 My Home: N. Huntingdon, PA December 18 2002 11:17
Hello all USS Cony mates. Glad to see another Desron 28 ship "floating" around the Web.
I was on the USS Beale, 58-60

Herman W. Stevens GMG2 My Home: Nakina, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 65-68 December 6 2002 11:13
I have spent the last hour reading all 26 pages on Roger's webpage. Thouroghly enjoyed reading all the comments. I wonder how many other ships served in WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam. The Cony made her last stands in battle during her trek to Vietnam in 67-68.
As I began reading the comments made by other shipmates I went to my library and retreived all the cruise books I have and began to search out all those crew members I knew from 65-68. Sad to say the cruise book from the Med/Red in 66 does not have the crew's names with their pictures, only group pictures of each division. Would like to here from R.E Richards and his twin brother in Pitsburg. Thank you Ken Cox for referring me to this sight. I have just recently in the past 2 weeks became interested in my past life on board the Cony. Sad to see the life of such a fighting ship as the Cony come to such a tragic ending. SAD!

Keith McGill My Home: Lansing, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 November 25 2002 11:11
Is a joy to read about the Cony, brings a lot of joy that I had on board. Sure would love to here from anyone who served in the rear engine room during 1965-1967. Hey Gino, Dick, Larry and Rat are you out there?? Mac / Willy

Jon (Jack) Yarick My Home: Lexington, KY Enlisted In: Toledo, OH November 24 2002 11:09
What a great site. I've wondered for years whatever happened to the Cony

Larry T. Davis My Home: Collierville, TN Yrs-On-Cony: 67-69 November 24 2002 11:07
Thanks for the web site.

Harry Weinberg My Home: Canton, MA Yrs-On-Cony: 57-58 November 23 2002 11:01
Cony was my first ship. I was the Supply Officer and enjoyed myself so much, I went on to a 29 year Navy career. My Cony exerience was the trigger for the career decision.

Roger, your web page with all the links is tremendous. It certainly brings back fond remebrances.

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 November 20 2002 10:53
To Charles Bailey, Are you looking for a Ron Beller, IC3? As I remember, a Bell or Beller was discharged in 1961. I have not seen him, but I was curious. I don't how to locate old shipmates, except through this method. I wonder how many are not aware of this opportunity? Wayne

Charles Bailey My Home: Union City, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 57-59 November 19 2002 10:48
I would like to find Ronald E. Beller, he served on board the same time as I did. The last time I heard he was in Allentown, Pa. Thank You

Sandra Nolan My Home: Orlando, FL November 18 2002 10:39
I am searching for anybody who would now of my grandfather. his name was Fredrick Evan Williams I think he was on the Cony in the 40s any help would be great, I have been trying to find crews list on line and just can`t find it, thanks Sandy

Thor J. Steenland My Home: Irving, TX Yrs-On-Cony: 49-51 November 18 2002 10:31
Great site Roger, especially the Bosun's pipe intro. Learned how to play on one borrowed from Winfield, A Boatswain's Mate on the Stembel. Used it while standing watch.
The best,

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 November 18 2002 10:09
I received an e-mail from the fellow that is doing the cutaways. I am sure glad he contacted me. I was trying to get more information about his pieces, but I got sidetracked. I lost his address. I am certainly glad that I came in contact with the Cony website. I would not have been able to locate that interesting cutaway of the Fletcher Class ships. When are dues due? I don't remember an expiration date and I cannot find when I sent the last dues. Let me know.

Note from Webmaster!
There are no actual "Dues:" Some of us "donate" $15.00 per year to help cover the cost of the newsletters. You will have to keep track of the dates that you make your contributions. I just keep a calendar for those type of things.

David A. Barker My Home: Chillicothe, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 59-62 November 15 2002 10:28
While on the Cony I was a BMSN and worked multiple deck force jobs including in charge of side cleaners for a quarter, boat detail for over a year. I also was a member of the Whale Boat crew. When we went to the Bay of Pigs I had the honor of assisting in painting off the 5 and painting off the word cony on the stern.

Eddie (Ed) Small My Home: Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 63-64 October 26 2002 10:03
You have done a great job with the USS Cony web page
Thanks, Ed

Philip W. Gilchrest Jr. (Gyro) Yrs-On-Cony: 60-63 Enlisted In: Hollis, NH October 25 2002 09:48
I spent 31/2 years on board, I was on the deck force most of the time, was involved with the Cuban blockcade and some of the earlier space shots.

Ron Rinehimer My Home: Minnetonka, MN Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 October 13 2002 09:46
Retired from The DuPont Co. Living in suburb of Minneapolis.

(Note from Webmaster)
After Ron posted this Guestbook entry, I received an email from Ron's wife Carol that Ron has passed away eleven days after he made this entry. God Bless.

Edgar Mitchell CS3 My Home: Morristown, TN Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 September 29 2002 09:40
Retired this year after thirty-five years of teaching school. Found your site while trying to find out what happened to the Cony. Real sad to see the old girl go down. Good memories were revisited. Thanks for remembering the Cony in this way.

Louis (Sonny) Krugel My Home: Evansville, IN Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 September 26 2002 09:35
At that I time was from Louisville,KY. After the Navy I moved to Evansville, IN and retired from the Sheriff Dept. Was aboard for the space shuttle, Bay Of Pigs and the bockade. Great Site. Glad I did a search on the Cony after all these years.Thanks for all the memories.

John T. Barr RD1 My Home: Sassamansville, PA Yrs-On-Cony: 64-68 September 16 2002 09:32
Only ship I ever served on that I felt she was alive.

Willard R. Gonterman My Home: Chatham, IL Yrs-On-Cony: 58-60 September 9 2002 09:29
Had a great time aboard the uss cony and alot of good memories.
Roger,you have done a great job on this website. Thank you!

Ed Renauer My Home: Bethesda, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 51-52 September 7 2002 09:26
Is it possible in the "leaving a message section" that the individual's years of service could be listed? To be honest with you I have forgotten many names and this information would be very beneficial.
Thanks, Ed Renauer

Note from Roger Rieman, webmaster Cony website.
In the original Guest Book, I took Ed's suggestion for all future signiers.
In July of 2004 I purchased a new script for a Guest Book and when I copied the old entries, I added what I could to the existing entries.

Also note that from the main page link "limited copy of the ships roster" has most of the years on board information for the entries in the Guest Book.

John Hicks My Home: Norfolk, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 64-66 September 3 2002 09:18

George Lewis My Home: North Fort Myers, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 49-53 Enlisted In: Boonton, NJ August 25 2002 09:16
Originaly from Boonton, NJ now North Fort Myers,FL
Comments: Just an old Cony man signing in and giving you a well done on the Website.

Frank Correia My Home: Castro Valley, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 August 19 2002 09:12
Came on board 10/66 as FTSN and departed 1/68 as FTG2. I and Dennis Patrick Keller came from the same FT "A" School at Bainbridge, MD. Remember going to Puerto Rico and St Thomas, Key West(Cony came into port too hot and rammed the pier; had to go back to Norfolk and repair the ramming bow), Miami. Went with her to Viet Nam in 67 and passed thru Pearl Harbor. We lost a Second Class Sonarman on that tour while tied up in Subic Bay due to a maintenance mishap. The Hawaii photo was from that trip. The ship was a grand home. We had so much crew that I slept on a cot behind the fire control switchpanels. The last time I was aboard her was July 69 at Philly when she was being stripped down. Thanks for the web site. Keep up the good work.

Al R. Copeland RM3 My Home: Brunswick, GA Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 Enlisted In: Brunswick, BA August 6 2002 12:48
Great ship and crew. What memories!

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV June 5 2002 08:07
I had a discussion with U. S. Senator Harry Reid's office. I need as much information from Desron 28 shipmate's about April 1961 as I am able to get concerning "The Bay of Pigs" incident. Please e-mail.
Has anyone heard of Brian York? cmprn129529@gm20.com He offers a 3-D cutaway of a Fletcher Class can. This looks very interesting and different. If anyone has had contact with or knows something about this cutaway, please respond.

Note from Webmaster!
I believe the 3-D ship that Waynes talking about (plus others) can be found at http://www.modelwarships.com/gallery/main-gallery.html

John Leyland My Home: Yark, PA Yrs-On-Cony: 52-55 June 1 2002 08:00
Served on the Cony '52-'55, assigned to fwd engine room as a MM "striker" also known as "snipes" under the the stern supervision of the legendary Carl Mahar MM 1C, man, he was a trip,I remember those evaporators Jack Barber referred to, all I can say is, you never had to go on "water hours" did you? Well, hardly ever. I recognized Modderman, on this page, am looking for others like Macemon, Litchke (the water king) McComas, Sheehan, Frickman, Zastawny, Erickson. Thanks to Ken Cox for referring me to this page, and hope to attend the next reunion, also "Tin Can Sailors" puts out a monthly newspaper with lots of "sea stories" and ships reunions, also a recipes of that good navy chow, for example, how to make pancakes for 250 people, some of you may be asking yourselves, what panckes? For those people, you probably remember them as "collision mats" OK?

John M. Connelly My Home: Waukesha, WI Yrs-On-Cony: 57-58 May 25 2002 07:56
USS Cony DDE508 1957-58
MM3/C Aft Engine Room
USS Murray DDE576 1956-57
FN Forward Engine Room

Charles L. Miller My Home: Vidor, TX Yrs-On-Cony: 58-60 April 26 2002 01:38
I served aboard the Cony , Sept. 58 till Sept.60. I work for Meadwestvaco paper mill and I will retire in Nov. of this year.

Greg Dooling My Home: Elmira, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 April 14 2002 01:29
Found out tin can sailor has good Cony battle story and I can't find my copy! Regards to all Greg

Bob (Moe) Steinman My Home: Bridgewater, NJ Yrs-On-Cony: 61-63 April 14 2002 01:26
Was on ship 61 to 63 any shipmates who want to get in touch please do (from roster)

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV April 13 2002 01:24
41 years ago. Hard to fathom, that time has gone by and our government has never acknowledged our presence in BOP. I was trying to update the information, the only thing that has changed is the e-mail address.

Cindy Michel My Home: Thornton, CO April 10 2002 00:58
I think its a great site. I will refer it to my dad who is a former Cony shipmate.

Howard Marschhauser My Home: Ocala, FL March 28 2002 00:55
The only Cony that I was on was the one located in Brooklyn, New York by the name of Cony Island. But I was on the U.S.S. Tripoli CVE64 1952/1953.Ended up as a Hospital Corpsman at St. Albans Naval Hospital.Great site Roger, Im happy you told me about it in person.

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 March 19 2002 00:54
I have been sending e-mails to various individuals, with my
For some reason,my name was not included in the e-mail. I will send myself an e-mail to see what is going on. Passed someone on the highway, today, that had a USS Converse sticker on his bumper, hull number DD 509. I will look that up now. I am still waiting to hear from the fellow in Pahrump. Good luck to all.

George Prokos My Home: Stafford, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 42-45 March 3 2002 00:51
My dad, George Prokos, was on the Cony 42-45 as a first class gunner's mate. He is alive and kicking and geared up for this reunion in May. He had asked me to research the Cony on the internet, and I was thrilled to find you. I am saddened by so many of his cronies having passed, but I am hoping this reunion will spur plenty of good stories from his memory bank so I can jot them down. He has e mail, but anyone can write me and I will relay message, as he does not use it much. Thank you for a wonderful sight! Elena Prokos

Alan G. Hunt My Home: Pensacola, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 58-59 March 3 2002 00:47
Received a note from Ken Cox. Was aboard Cony 58 and 59 as an ensign,as Damage Control Assistant.

Vermon Lee Jones My Home: Shreveport, LA Yrs-On-Cony: 1945 March 3 2002 00:46
My name is Dolores Burton. Lee was my brother in law and we lost him, four years ago. We are trying to put together a time frame for him during the war. We know he was on the Cony in 1945, when it was at Okinawa, I hope I am permited to sign your guest book. Thank you. Mrs. Dolores L. Burton.If anyone new him please contact me at E-Mail address. His wife (my sister) and his children are very interested. Great site, keep up the great work.

James (Jimmy) Vaughn My Home: Livermore, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 March 1 2002 00:34
Great web site.Thanks for letting me know. Griffith was asking about LeBlanc and Hankins. I knew both and will get in touch with Griffith soon.

Weston W. King GMG1 ret. My Home: Chesapeake, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 64-69 February 28 2002 00:29
Bravo Zulu on your web site. Stationed on board from August 1964 until February 1969.

Buddy Pruden My Home: Bracey, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 February 26 2002 00:27
Good job Roger; I still have my plaque from the rigging to recover the GEMINI casule that states" FOR GEMINI RECOVERY ONLY"

John F. Hanafin My Home: Winchester, MA Yrs-On-Cony: 65-66 February 20 2002 00:22
Since last contact my email has changed. Again, many thanks for causing this site to function.

Peter W. Taylor My Home: Lake City, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 February 18 2002 00:19

Jolene My Home: Washington February 17 2002 12:23
Looking for anyone who may of known my Uncle he was on the USS CONY in 1942 till his death October 27th 1943 my Uncles name was Jerome Siebler, Seaman, First Class U.S Navy
Thank you, Jolene

James A. Oker My Home: Chicago, IL Yrs-On-Cony: 66-68 February 9 2002 12:17
BM/SN Aug 66- Aug 68

Lloyd Bryan My Home: San Francisco, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 44-45 January 30 2002 12:11
My Dad, John R. Bryan, served as medical officer on The Cony from approx 10/44-9/45. I would love to hear from others who might have known him at that time. Love your site. My dad served as medical officer on the Cony.

Dennis Hyek My Home: St. Clair Shores, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 61-62 January 28 2002 12:08
Hello Roger, just checking thing's out! Book is looking real good, thank you for the fine job you are doing. See you at the next ship's get-together. Had one of our shipmates contact me, after he saw your web-site. Thank's to you, we are back in touch and having a great time, when we get together !!!

Harry Jackson My Home: Baltimore, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 52-55 January 16 2002 12:06
My daughter is teaching me to surf the net and I thought of the USS Cony. I like the site. Thanks.

Dave Radcliffe My Home: New London, CT January 15 2002 12:04
I found a Cony ship's plaque at work and looked you up.
Fair winds and following seas! Dave

John F. Hanafin My Home: Winchester, MA Yrs-On-Cony: 65-66 December 17 2001 12:00
I have just discoveredyour site and have really enjoyed having my long term memory bank jogged a little.If anyone is interested I have kept my Med/Red sea cruise book all these years and I'd be happy to share it. I was on the Cony from 1965 through 1966, then I was sent to Viet Nam for a year aboard the Colleton an APB (self propeled barracks ship) #36. Enough for now, please keep up the good job! JFH

Mike Seeley RD2 My Home: Reno, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 67-69 December 17 2001 11:54
Served on board 1967-1969 when she was scheduled for de-commission at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

Paul J. Leone My Home: Charlestown MA Yrs-On-Cony: 48-50 December 17 2001 11:50
My dad served on the uss cony from 48-50
and always talks about his time in the
navy. he says that if the navy called him back, he would go back now. He would do anything to have a ship back under his feet.

Jim Hanley My Home: Hollis, NH Yrs-On-Cony: 51-55 November 12 2001 06:07
Several of us were assigned to the Cony from a Jan '51 Newport, RI Boot Camp Company. Picked up the Cony in Key West, then back to Norfolk, VA and off to Korea. Served on the Cony till my discharge in Jan. '55. Spent several tours at Sonar school in Key West. Left as SO1. Reading the chronology brought back lots of memories. Great job!

Dennis Hyek My Home: St. Clair Shores, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 61-62 November 3 2001 06:02
Just checked your set-up ROGER !!!
Keep up the good work, you are bringing the shipmates back home again !!!!
My wife and I shall see you at the next reunion and I shall check in now and then just to see how you are doing. Push onward shipmate and I will see you soon !!!!!! Sparks Hyek RMSN

William N. Liebman My Home: Waukegan, IL Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 November 3 2001 05:59
I sent you an email to be added to the email list. In the comments I forgot to mention that the last ship I served on was the USS Plymouth Rock. On the Plymouth Rock there was a MM1 Larraby, the Cony was the first ship we served on (we were on it at the same time) and the Plymouth Rock was to be the last ship we both served on before retirement.

Tom Pritchard My Home: Hartwick, NY November 2 2001 05:53
Thanks for keeping me in the loop and putting so much effort into developing and maintaining this site. A commenable job.

James A. Rindin My Home: Germantown, TN Yrs-On-Cony: 45-46 October 27 2001 05:46
I served as a Sonarman in Cony 45-46. Continued with a Navy career until retiring in 1982 after 7 yrs enlisted and 30 yrs Commissioned service. Good to see this fine web site Roger is developing. I only wish some of our other shipmates such as Browski, Schultz, Bang, Heineger, Skillings, Allen Moore and others too numerous to mention were still around to see it.
Bravo Zulu Roger!

Phil Dunlap My Home: San Rafael, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 56-59 October 23 2001 05:43
The undated pic showing Cony at Pearl Harbor includes the Weapon Able rocket launcher forward of the bridge. That was installed in the Portsmouth yards in the late fifties. Therefore Cony must have returned to the Pacific between that time and the sinking in 1970? Or is the Pearl Harbor location given incorrect?
Phil Dunlap, former FT2, 6/56-6/59.

Durwood H. White My Home: Comfort, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 56-59 October 22 2001 05:37
Served on the Cony from 1956 to 1959. Left the latter part of '59 as a SM2 with orders for the Underwater Demolition Team training at Little Creek, Va. After completion of training was in UDT-21 until '62 then assigned to SEAL Team 2. Was at the Bay of Pigs blowing up things. Buddies
I can remember were Bob Brousseau and Doc Gaunteman (not sure of spelling). Now that I look back on those years on the Cony, they were great times.

Max Furbringer My Home: Fort Myers, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 61-64 October 22 2001 05:34
Does anyone have any of the "USS CONY" shoulder strips? If you have any extras I would appreciate having one! Contact me at the email address.

Wayne Brotherton My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 October 21 2001 05:30
Just finished looking at Earl Boyer's photographs. They are very good. I would like to blow one up and print it. If I figure out how. A question, didn't the Cony have FRAM II done in 1962 or 63? Was the helicopter hangar removed and the aft gun mount replaced, before it was sunk? I sure would have liked to have seen the Cony before it went down. A stout ship. The storms it went through, and survived. People just do not believe how rough the sea can be.

Donald Rienhart My Home: Stockton, CA October 17 2001 05:25
I see a Don Rienhart on your ship's roster. Altough I was in the Navy USS Epping Forest(MC-7), USS Delta (AR-9), I was never on your ship, Can there me two of us????? Don

Roy De Boy My Home: Marion, IN Yrs-On-Cony: 64-65 October 7 2001 05:15
AHOY,I was a storekeeper aboard the Cony in 64&65 along with Scott Annala and A.J.Richmond. Great site Roger.

Dan E. Brown YN3 My Home: Zanesville, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 October 6 2001 05:09
This is a very good site, I had wondered where my ship mates were, and now I have found them, we need to get something for the Bay of Pigs. keep up the good work

Charles Peters My Home: London, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 56-58 October 6 2001 05:05
Served 9/56 to 5/58 went in a FM, came out as MM3 I remember going up Potamic for weapons ABLE check.They were doing tours for public when a sudden snow storm came up and stranded all on board for about 2 hours. served w/Stan Wrona and Dennis Harbin

Daniel Mc Donald My Home: Tampa, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 October 5 2001 04:59
I must have just missed you. coming on board in 1965 and leaving in 1967 OI Division. Thacker was still there though.

Tom Prichard My Home: Hartwick, NY October 2 2001 05:50
Thanks for keeping me in the loop and putting so much effort into developing and maintaining this site. A commenable job.

Allen Larson My Home: East Troy, WI Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 September 30 2001 04:58
I went aboard the Cony out of FT-A school in 63 served with Bob Mitch, Lefty Lane, George Mancuso, Ron Reinheimer, Rich Rademacher, Chief Kelly and so many more. Many refresher training cruises to Cuba, Midshipman cruise to the north atlantic, Copenhagen, Allborg, Portland England, Cherbourg France. Canary Island[secret cruise] Lisbon Protugal. Azores. Looking for Mancuso, Reinheimer, Rich Annuszewski MR3, or anyone else who could contact me. Left Jan 66 as FTG3

Arnie L. Anderson My Home: Westby, WI Yrs-On-Cony: 56-59 August 25 2001 04:55
Thanks for the web page. I served on the USS Cony from the spring of 1956 to July of 1959. Ken Cox sent this web address to me, thanks Ken and you Roger for the site. I came aboard as RMSN and left as RM2. I'll check this site regular, thanks. Arnie

James V. Worth Jr. My Home: Bare Foot Bay Yrs-On-Cony: 42-44 August 25 2001 04:52
Was the 1st Man to report for fitting out the Cony at Bath Me.Aug.42. Was MM2c After Engine Room. Made 1st 1943. Left Cony when she went to Mare Island for repairs from bomb damage 1944. There are not many of we PLANK OWNERS left of that era . God willing I will be at the next Reunion. Roger you are doing one swell job! "Tango Uniform".

Maury Sweetin ET2 My Home: Crofton, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 55-57 August 23 2001 04:46
Left as a ETS-2. Shop mates with John Suskey, Court Rutherford,Bill Russo, others. Buddies with Walt Morganthaler, RM2. Made a Med cruise in 56 and made it to Havana just before the lights went out. Memories include a collision with a Reefer ship in the Med., death of a Maltese diver in drydock, and Capt. "Dirty Dan" Dertein. Good times for a kid.

Wayne Brotherton, Sr. My Home: Amargosa Valley, NV Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 August 18 2001 04:44
I was an ICFN on the Cony. I was on board from 1960 to '62.
I would like to get in touch with others aboard Cony April 1961. Bay of Pigs. We are owed.

Mrs. Howard Lantz Yrs-On-Cony: Silverton, OR July 28 2001 04:35
My husband Howard was on the Cony but I am not sure of the exact time. He was in the Navy 1959 to 1963 and his discharge papers say he was commissioned on the Cony. I know he was at the Bay of Pigs but not to what extent. He has recently died and I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers him. He was a little guy, 65" and 130 pounds. He told a story of once coming on board with a huge bunch of bananas over his shoulder. He also mentioned something about spending a night in jail in Canada for fighting.

Robert Weening My Home: Wilton, CT July 23 2001 04:33
Just wanted to check out information on the Cony. My dad Sam Weening (45-46) served on the ship during WWII and has attended a number of reunions over the years. You have a good site!

Ed Kuntz My Home: Aspers, PA Yrs-On-Cony: 60-61 July 18 2001 04:30
Brief stay, but served with fine men, who created memories that will last forever.

Curtis B. Kallam My Home: Jacksonville, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 54-57 July 11 2001 04:20
I was on the Cony DDE508 from 1954 to 1957. I was the first I C Electrican on the ship.

Durwood Hunter White My Home: Comfort, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 56-60 June 23 2001 04:10
Searved on the Cony from 1956 to 1960. While on the Cony I was a Signalman 2nd class. In 1960 was transfered to Little Creek, Va. as a SM-2 to the Underwater Demolition Training Class 26. Was in UDT-21 about 2 1/2 yrs. then transfered to SEAL Team 2 with 2 tours in Vietnam.

Ralph L. Sveda My Home: Greenacres, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 50-52 June 21 2001 04:07
Glad to be included in your list of Cony members and was pleased to see that you have the annoucement of our next reunion posted. Thank you.

Marshall L. (Ben) Bennett My Home: Cathedral City, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 53-54 June 17 2001 03:53
I was aboard the Cony during the European Cruise from September 1953 to February 1954. I was the DK3 at that time. Everybody called me "Ben". I have met two shipmates, Fran Kloster and Robert Modderman, on the web, that were on board at the same time. If there is anyone that was on board at that time, contact me. Thanks.

Note from webmaster
Marshall "Ben" Bennett died the 21st of December

Doug Arfsten My Home: Surprise, AZ Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 June 6 2001 03:43
Stationed aboard the Cony from 1963 to 1966 as an ETR. Would like to hear from anyone who was stationed aboard the Cony during that time frame.

Joseph A. Pettijohn My Home: Sutherlin, OR Yrs-On-Cony: 44-46 June 6 2001 03:39
SERVED 1944 TO DEC 1946

Max Furbringer My Home: Fort Myers, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 61-64 May 17 2001 03:37
I served in the IC gang 1961-1964. Each year that passes I feel that I had a better time.
Our"beloved home" was featured on the History Channel several months ago on the program "Weapons at War:Sub Hunters". Although we are on the screen a few seconds, it was exciting seeing the Conyboat!

Holly N. McFarland My Home: Jackson, MO May 4 2001 03:29
I am John Furry's granddaughter. He served on the Cony from 1943 until 1946. I am researching the Cony to make a folder to surprize him with. He is great and living in Webb City, MO. If ya'll would like to get in touch with him, you can email me at huskyhill@lycos.com.

Daniel H. Airey My Home: Homosassa, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 62-64 May 2 2001 03:12
Hi all my shipmates. Looking to find shipmate from 62-64 named O.G. Johnson or any other mate interested in contacting me. See you all in Wisconsin in May 2001 for Cony reunion.

Steve Rieman MR1 My Home: San Diego, CA May 2 2001 03:10
Great site Dad. Having a get together in May? Hope you all have a great time.
I got orders, and will be going to the USS Boxer in July, then two yrs till retirement.
Love you, and keep up the great work, Steve

Ed Small My Home: Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 63-65 April 28 2001 02:36
I served aboard the Cony from June 1963 until Jan. 1965.

James (Nic) Nichols My Home: Horseshoe Bay, TX Yrs-On-Cony: 59-60 April 19 2001 02:34
I served aboard the Cony 59-60 in Norfolk, VA Task Force Alfa, Anti-Sub

David M. Pritchard My Home: Chesap Yrs-On-Cony: 63-66 Enlisted In: Chesapeake, VA April 14 2001 02:31
RD3 on theCony '63-'66, most of the time as a seaman, but got out as a 3rd class

Glen B. Roundy My Home: American Fork, UT Yrs-On-Cony: 42-45 April 14 2001 02:23
I was on the Cony during the invasions in Pacific during WWII about 1942?-- ended up on the Fremont when I got out in 1950

Robert Flynn My Home: Tampa, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 60-61 April 14 2001 02:20
Ken Cox told me about this site.
Was on Cony 60-61

Bill McCabe My Home: Portland, OR Yrs-On-Cony: 1959 April 5 2001 01:12
I had to make up a missed NROTC midshipman cruise the summer of 1959 after I graduated and then was to receive my commission.
I received orders for a 6 week cruise, to report on board CONY in Norfolk, for what my copy of the orders calls "NROTC Midshipman Detachment Cruise LANTMIDASWEX 3-59". These orders called for me to report NLT 1600, 30 June 1959, to the USS CONY DDE (508) and also upon completion of this training, to report to the CO of USS CONY (DDE 508) for commissioning." As I recall, we got underway the next day.
I do not have details of our cruise, but I do remember we exercised off the East Coast as an ASW task group. We made 2 port calls, the first to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I vividly remember listening on the radio at the local yacht club (which had extended courtesy to the midshipmen) to the end of a famous sailing event, which I believe was the Americas Cup, but cannot swear to it. The 2nd port call lasted another week, this time in Bermuda, where we tied up at the U.S. Naval Air Station Annex near the southwestern end of the island.
I was allowed to eat, etc. in the wardroom throughout my stay on CONY, as the CO felt that would be good training for my going directly to my first ship after I got commissioned, and I really appreciated that opportunity.
After we returned to Norfolk at the end of the cruise/exercise, the CO, CDR B.E. Glendinning, USN, read me the oath of office and commissioned me an ensign in the USN. I have that in writing, dated 14 August 1959, and I departed the ship immediately thereafter to report to my first ship, the carrier MIDWAY (CVA 41).

Fran Kloster My Home: Remsen, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 51-55 March 29 2001 01:08
I served on the Cony from april 15th 1951 till Jan.6th 1955.Discharged as RD2.Would like to hear from any shipmates during that time period.

Gary Rudolph My Home: Petersburg, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 65-67 March 28 2001 20:58
Nice site Roger.

Ken Jimson My Home: Gastonia, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 57-60 March 28 2001 00:29
Thanks for the great site Roger. I served on the Cony Nov 57' thru Oct 60. Ken Cox and I were in the radio gang together, along with Arnie Anderson, Don Ritter and others. I left as RM3. We all are planning to make the reunion in May and are looking forward to meeting all you guys and renewing old friendships, and sharing some real good war stories. All true of course.

Ron Gangle My Home: Akron, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 64-66 March 26 2001 00:41
Served aboard the Cony..Nov. 64-Oct.66 FT,Fox Division. Was aboard during the first Gemni space shot.We were part of the back-up recovery team.Did a Med cruise,Red Sea and Indian Ocean In '66.Missed the Dominican Crisis in 65...had just off-loaded all the fuel and ammo to go into the yards for a 3 month overhall,so we stayed behind.Went through the Suez Canal in the summer of 66, a year BEFORE the Arab-Israeli War.The ship went to Viet Nam after I got off. Never fired a shot in anger, but fired plenty of shots in practice!

Homer Whitt My Home: Warren, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 64-65 March 26 2001 00:38
I was on the Cony from 64 to 65 and was a cook . and loved it. I really met some good friends on her . Hopeing to hear from Elkman from NY. WHO ALSO WAS A ..COOK AND ANY ONE ELSE . THANKS

Dennis L. Marine My Home: Longville, MN Yrs-On-Cony: 59-61 and again 63-66 March 25 2001 22:44
Went from TMSN to TM2 first cruise; made 1st Class on second assignment.

Ed (Eddie) Small My Home: Matthews, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 63-65 March 25 2001 00:36
I served aboard The Cony from June 1963 until Jan 1965 in the torpedo gang with Dennis Marine, Smogie and Pridemore

Bob Mitich My Home: Donnelly, ID Yrs-On-Cony: 61-64 March 25 2001 00:29
Was aboard for Bay of Pigs and Cuban Blockade. Also remember being in pick up area for early space flights. Still have my USS Cony zippo lighter.

Jim Knapp FT2 My Home: Phoenix, MD Yrs-On-Cony: 61-63 March 20 2001 00:25
I was there for Bay of Pigs and later for the Cuban Missle Crisis.

Avon Libby, Jr My Home: Brunswick, ME Yrs-On-Cony: 51-52 March 19 2001 00:11
You are doing a great job on the page Roger. I Served on the Cony 4/51-7/52.I was an Inactive Reserve called back in during the Korean war.This was during the period when the Cony made the trip around the world, through the Panama to Korea and back through the Suez.I became a Shellback on 11/11/51 when we crossed the equator.

Kenneth (Kenny) Cox My Home: Lakeland, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 57-59 March 18 2001 12:01
Fantastic site, Roger. Thanks. I was on the Cony from 2/57 to 9/59, came aboard an RMSA and left an RM3. Hung out with RM3 Kenny Jimison and CSSN Don Ritter. Would like to hear from crew members when I was aboard.

Mike Heslin My Home: Kilgore, TX Yrs-On-Cony: 54-59 March 18 2001 11:59
Electronics Tech 2c from 1955-59. served aboard the Cony from 11-54 to 1-21-59.

Carl D. Griffith MMC My Home: Swansboro, NC Yrs-On-Cony: 65-66 March 18 2001 11:56
Great job Roger, served 64&65 made north atlantic cruise have some good memories of Cony and men I served with
anyone knows where John Le Blanc MM1 at that time is or MMC Hankins?

Melvin W. Junge My Home: Indianapolis, IN Yrs-On-Cony: 44-46 March 18 2001 11:47
I served on the Cony from 1944-1946. Rate: Y/3C

My wife, Miriam, and I hosted the second Cony Reunion at the Holiday Inn in Napoleon, OH

Ron Zwelling My Home: Salina, KS Yrs-On-Cony: 50-51 March 13 2001 11:44
I'm really pleased to find that someone thinks enough of our old home(the Cony) to put a web page together on it.

Tom Pritchard My Home: Hartwick, NY March 8 2001 11:40
My oldest brother, Dave Pritchard, (64-66) served with Roger during this time period. My brother was a Radar operator working in CIC. I really appreciate the chronology that Roger has put together, it brings us to the Cony's final voyage and I only received one other report about the event from someone who was in the Amphibious Task Force that sent her down. If any of you are baseball fans and want a place to stay near Cooperstown, my wife Lisa and I operate a smoke free Bed & Breakfast up here. Regards to any who served aboard the Cony or know someone who did.

Rich Thurber My Home: Grand Rapids, MI Yrs-On-Cony: 51-54 March 7 2001 11:37
I served aboard the USS Cony, USS Healy
and the USS VanValkenberg. Our home port was Norfolk, Va. I was a RM 3rd class.
We went to Korea twice during that time.
I just purchased a computer 2 or 3 months ago and am really getting into this type of thing. Thanks for having such great pictures, articles etc.etc.

John McKay My Home: Mesa, AZ March 6 2001 06:49
My Dad served on the Cony from 1950-53.
I've posted all his pictures from that time on a web page. Would love any info you can give me on who crew members are or whatever you remember.

Scott LaMoure My Home: Farr West, UT March 2 2001 06:28
My father, John E. LaMoure, served on the Cony durring World War II and was onboard when the ship took the 2 bomb hits from Japanese planes on 10/27/43. He said they spent a nervous evening dead in the water, listening for Japanese patrol boats looking to finish them off before they could get towed back the next day. My father (an atomic veteran) died in 1983 of pancreatic cancer and we had little opportunity to discuss his service on the Cony. I had no idea what a distingushed service record the Cony had! In checking the official US Navy website I never could find any information on the Cony. Thanks for your website!

Phil Vendramin My Home: Phoenix, AZ Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 February 28 2001 06:16
I spent all my time in the aft Boiler Room sweating it out. Sure would like to hear from some one who was there at the same time. Punched a lot of tubes in those boilers .

Dennis Hyek My Home: St. Clair Shores, Michigan Yrs-On-Cony: 61-62 February 24 2001 06:13
GREAT JOB ROG. I was aboard as a RMSN in Rdiv., if you remember ski from the yeoman's shack give him my Email address, sure would like to say "HI'. Thanks for the great job!!!!!!!!

Tom Norland My Home: Erie, PA Yrs-On-Cony: 63-65 February 20 2001 06:05
R Division. That North Atlantic cruise was one hell of a good time.

Gregory Dooling My Home: Elmira, NY Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 February 17 2001 05:58
Would love to hear from fellow shipmates.

William M Kalina My Home: San Antonio, TX January 23 2001 05:53
My father served onboard Cony in 1946.

Ed Conley My Home: St. Paris, OH Yrs-On-Cony: 62-65 January 20 2001 05:51
Was in 1st Division for about 6 months and to Gun Gang.
Remember Sam Provost? Cony was my first ship of my Naval Career. Many good memories.

Jim Liberatore My Home: Chicago, IL Yrs-On-Cony: 63-64 January 2 2001 05:48

Dick Bonheim December 26 2000 05:39
I am doing research for former crew members of the USS Robinson DD562. A submarine contact incident took place on the night 14-15 June 1944 off Saipan. Robinson member recalls dropping of depth charges. In the midst of the run remembrs being called off the contact to return to escort duties and being replaced on the run by another DD. Trying to determine if The Cony was indeed that ship on station that night. There is a strong possibility that Japanese voices were heard indicating that the vessel may have surfaced. RJN records indicate that one Submarine designated R-5 as unaccounted for. Acknowledging this event would be greaty appreciated. Please include a telephone # so I might respond. My # is 254-547-6337. I live in Copperas Cove, TX adjacent to Fort Hood. I'm retired AF/Army ..... but please don't let that get in your way!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your service to "our" country!

Steve Bovee My Home: San Diego, CA Yrs-On-Cony: 64-66 December 20 2000 05:27
I served on the Cony from July 64 until Sept 66. We did a lot of steaming with trips to Cuba, Puerto Rico, backup recovery ship cruise for Gemini 1, remember the capsule? and a Med/Red Sea/IO tour in 1966. I was an FT and remember you.

Jack L Barber My Home: Lake Helen, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 54-55 December 10 2000 00:58
Served as Radarman 2nd in 54-55. Did the evaporators ever work?

Si Daugherty My Home: Exmore, VA Yrs-On-Cony: 58-60 December 9 2000 11:26
I was ASW on the Cony from 1958 to 1960. It is enjoyable to look at all the Cony sites. Thanks for doing this one.

Bob Modderman My Home: Ft. Myers, FL Yrs-On-Cony: 52-54 December 8 2000 05:10
Roger Thanks for calling your website to my attention, good job.

Jim Clark My Home: Franklin Grove, IL October 9 2000 04:23
hi rog
you have a very nice start on you'r web pages,i will be checking every now and then to see you'r progress,keep up the good work.

Robert E. Smith My Home: Martin, TN Yrs-On-Cony: 56-60 September 26 2000 05:00
I was on the Cony from June 1956 till June 1960, made a lot of cruises on her and logged a many of miles , Came aboard out of RD "A" School as RDSN left as RD2 , it starting out as a very good web page let me know if you needs some dates from that time I may be able to fill in some blanks

Scott Annala My Home: Waldport, OR Yrs-On-Cony: 62-66 September 26 2000 03:31
Roger-- good job!

(Note from Webmaster) Do you remember swimming in the surf in the Azores Scott? Rough wasn't it? Roger

Donald W. Paul My Home: North Easton, MA Yrs-On-Cony: 60-62 September 19 2000 04:56
My dad, Pierre Paul (deceased), served aboard the Cony from 1942 to 1944. He was an EM2 and was present when the Cony was damaged off of the Treasury Islands. He used to be called the old man because he was 40 at the time. I'm interested in communicating with any shipmates or family of that era.

Phil Vendramin My Home: Phoenix, AZ. September 12 2000 08:50
I served on the Cony from about April of '60-to March '62. Never got to go anywhere over seas, but spent a memorable time on her. Would like to locate a guy named Carl Stringfield was from the area of Oak Ridge Tenn. Married a gal Named Wanda from Portsmouth, VA. Will try and find some info in my archives of stuff and forward to you.