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The items on this page were donated by Bill Gordon FT2 1959 - 1961

1960 Cony Division Pictures
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Chrome Plated Hedgehogs

Narrative for Hedgehog Photo

ABOARD THE USS CONY (DDE 508): The destroyer USS CONY of anti-submarine Task Group ALFA is truly a sub killer and now displays a pair of chromium plated hedgehogs as dramatic evidence of this fact.
On two different occasions CONY ASW teams have made direct strikes with plaster-loaded hedgehogs on the decks of Atlantic Fleet submarines during training exercises.
The hedgehogs recovered from the respective submarines have been chrome-plated and are now in use as quarterdeck markers in lieu of the usual chrome-plated cartridge cases to symbolize the CONY'S primary mission of anti-submarine warfare.
The first CONY hedgehog to hit the mark was on 16 March 1959 when the USS BALAO (SS 285) was the target.
A more recent CONY hit was made May 23 when one of two hedgehogs fired landed on the deck of the USS COBBLER (SS 344).
COBBLER discovered the hedgehog on surfacing and immediately dispatched a message to inform Captain G. M. Slonim, Commander Destroyer Squadron 28, and to ask "who-dun-it”.
The mystery was quickly solved by a dispatch from the CONY'S Commanding Officer, Commander B. E. Glendinning, who said that the CONY had done it, wryly adding that "the new ASW officer didn't know that both projectiles were supposed to land on the COBBLER'S deck."
The discovery prompted a subsequent dispatch from Commodore Slonim to Rear Admiral John E. Clark, Commander Anti-submarine Task Group ALFA, in which he recommended that a "best cowboy sharp shooter medal be struck for USS CONY who demonstrated outstanding ASW readiness by her plaster loaded hedgehogs reposing peacefully but convincingly on the deck of the USS COBBLER on surfacing."
The CONY "dead-eyes" also provided a pleasant send off for Columbia Broadcasting System representatives who were aboard COBBLER completing the filming of Task Group ALFA operations for the television program "Twentieth Century" when the hedgehog hit the submerged submarine.

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