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Pictures of Russian Sub B-59 surfaced by Cony 

Cony Conylug
USS Cony (DD-508) - luglio 1954 - (Photo M. Lennon, Plymouth - coll. M. Brescia)

USS Cony DD-508 in Key West Nov 6th, 1966

Cony Keywest
USS Cony DD-508 in Key West Nov 6th, 1966
Cony with Squadron
Task Group ALFA
Formation portrait of the Atlantic Fleet anti-submarine group's ships and aircraft, taken during exercises in 1959 with Secretary of the Navy William B.  Franke embarked.  Ships include the group flagship, USS Valley Forge (CVS-45) in center, two submarines, and seven destroyers.  Identifiable among the latter are USS Eaton (DDE-510) at left front, USS Beale (DDE-471) following Eaton, USS Waller (DDE-466) in the center foreground, and USS Conway (DDE-507) at right front.  Aircraft overhead include two four-plane formations of S2F "Trackers" and three HSS-1 "Seabat" helicopters from the Valley Forge air group, plus one shore-based P2V "Neptune".

Cony a

Ships Bell
Cony's bell in the Quoddy Maritime Museum in Eastport, Maine
Cony Camaflauge
USS Cony, DD 508, San Francisco Bay, 25 February 1944