Greetings USS CONY CREW and Family,

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I’m writing to you for some help. The Joseph S. Cony swords, which we showed to those of you who attended the June 2, 2013 gathering in Providence, RI have been stolen from my mother’s home (Ann Harrison). We hope that you may be able to help us find them – this is an active police investigation. Perhaps someone is a sword collector or might know how to help us track these Civil War relics through national pawn shops. While I continually check e-bay and craigslist, and the police check local pawn shops, too, so far we have no leads. One of the swords was ceremonial, and one was used in battle. My brother says that the battle sword actually had some nicks out of it.

As you may know, the USS CONY was built in Bath, Maine, and the Maine Maritime Museum is very interested in my grandmother’s log book of the USS CONY and her crew (you!), the champagne bottle that christened the destroyer, and of course, the swords and other photos that my family has in their possession. We are heartbroken over the loss of the swords, and we are asking anyone we know to help us locate them.

If you can spread the word among people you may know who follow or collect such civil war relics, please let them know we are missing these important pieces of Maine history! They belong in a museum! Also, and unbelievably, we do not have any actual photographs of the swords, and although Roger has provided us with one to share with the police, if anyone has anymore photos, we would very much like to share them with the officers investigating this burglary.

ALSO, If anyone has a better photo that they took of the swords (especially near the hilts), would you please let Roger or Jill know? This might help in the police investitation.

Many Thanks for your help and Sincere Best Wishes to ALL,

Jill Harrison

My cell # is 401 662 1167

Stolen Cony Swords
Cony Swords